If you have Co-op Car Insurance, you can get our highest level of vehicle breakdown cover with AXA Assistance (UK) Ltd – they’ve won Best Breakdown Cover Provider at the Personal Finance Awards every year since 2014.

What does it include?
Homestart and European breakdown cover. 

What if I’ve got car insurance with another insurer? 
You can still buy a range of breakdown cover from Co-op – including short trip or annual cover.

Optional extra 

Add it on to your new or current Co-op Car Insurance policy

With Co-op Car Insurance, you and all your named drivers get our highest level of breakdown cover. This includes:

  • UK and EU breakdown cover
  • use of our online recovery tool
  • Homestart 
  • response within an hour, or £20 to say sorry (only in the UK and if the circumstances are within our control)
  • getting you to your destination if your car can’t be fixed on the spot (though 4 out of 5 UK breakdowns are fixed there and then).

There are over 3,500 breakdown specialists across the UK.

To add this cover to your existing Co-op Car Insurance policy, call 03457 46 46 46^.

Please note: this optional extra is not available to young driver or ecoinsurance customers, as the breakdown provider for these products is RAC Motoring Services. If you cancel this cover within 14 days of receipt of your policy documents, you will be entitled to a refund of any premium paid, less a charge for the number of days cover  has been provided. If you cancel this cover after this time no refund will be given.

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Award-winning cover

AXA Assistance (UK) Ltd

Best Breakdown Cover Provider at the Personal Finance Awards for the last 7 years.

Personal Finance Awards Winner 2020/21

Get breakdown cover that suits you

Choose annual vehicle, personal, joint or family cover and then the level you need:

  • Roadside and local recovery
  • Nationwide recovery
  • Nationwide and Homestart
  • Nationwide, Homestart and European.

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Short trip cover

Get full cover in the UK and EU for short trips of up to 31 days. It’ll get you going – or get you home.

Cover includes:

  • UK and European cover including Homestart
  • English speaking assistance 24 hours a day.

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Check you’re not already covered

Before you buy breakdown cover with us, make sure you haven’t got it elsewhere, as part of a bank account or through a car purchase.

If you do, compare the features and benefits of your existing policy with the ones we can offer you. You should also check the cancellation terms of your existing policy – you might have to pay to cancel it.

This will make sure you’re not losing money or paying for two policies when you can only claim on one.