You can drive safe in the knowledge that AXA will be there if you break down, and they’ve won Best Breakdown Cover Provider at the Personal Finance Awards every year since 2014.

Check you’re not already covered

Before you buy breakdown cover with us, make sure you haven’t got it elsewhere, as part of a bank account or through a car purchase.

If you do, compare the features and benefits of your existing policy with the ones we can offer you. You should also check the cancellation terms of your existing policy – you might have to pay to cancel it.

This will make sure you’re not losing money or paying for two policies when you can only claim on one.

Award-winning cover

AXA Assistance (UK) Ltd

Best Breakdown Cover Provider at the Personal Finance Awards for the last 7 years.

Personal Finance Awards Winner 2020/21

What annual breakdown covers

Our UK and European annual breakdown cover gives you the following benefits:

  • roadside assistance including Homestart. Provides one hour’s labour to try and repair your vehicle and get you back on your way as soon as possible. If your vehicle cannot be repaired, we will arrange recovery for you, up to eight passengers, and your vehicle to a suitable garage. Please note that the cost of parts is not covered, and we will not be responsible for more than two claims arising from a common fault with the same vehicle
  • recovery in the UK. If your vehicle cannot be fixed the same day, do not worry, we will help by either getting you and your passengers to your destination or taking you home. Alternatively, we could arrange and pay for overnight accommodation for you and up to eight passengers, or arrange a hire vehicle for you to continue your journey*. Please note that accommodation is subject to a maximum cost of £80 per person per night (up to a maximum of £500). The hire car provided will be available for a maximum period of 24 hours, and will have up to a 1600cc engine
  • EU cover. If you are travelling in the EU and your vehicle cannot be repaired within eight hours we will take you, your passengers and luggage to your intended destination, provide a hire vehicle so that you can continue on your way, or alternative accommodation*, providing that you've already paid for your original accommodation and can't get your money back. Please note that the accommodation is subject to a maximum cost of £80 for each person each day (up to a maximum of £500)**
  • EU repatriation. If your vehicle is not repaired before your planned return date to the UK, cover includes transport costs to get you, your passengers, and your vehicle home. Please note that cover will not be provided if the costs of returning your vehicle to the UK would be greater than the market value of your vehicle in the UK after the breakdown
  • alternative driver. We will provide an urgent message relay and alternative driver benefit should you be physically unable to drive the vehicle. Please note that a medical certificate must be provided.

Please be aware that the vehicle must carry a serviceable spare tyre and wheel for the vehicle and any caravan or trailer attached, including the means to release the wheel from your vehicle. We will not cover any services or costs, including recovery to a garage, incurred as a result of you failing to do so. This condition does not apply if the vehicle was not designed to carry a spare wheel, in which case you will need to carry the appropriate aerosol repair kit.

* AXA will choose a suitable recovery solution depending on your individual circumstances.

** In some cases it may be necessary for customers to pay for overnight accommodation and claim it back, if AXA are unable to book and pay for it on their behalf.

Cover Roadside Recovery Recovery and Homestart European
Roadside assistance        
Local recovery        
One hour service promise        
Nationwide recovery        
Emergency hire car        
Overnight accommodation        
European cover        
Repatriation to the UK        

Please note: If you cancel this cover within 14 days of receipt of your policy documents, you will be entitled to a refund of any premium paid, less a charge for the number of days cover  has been provided. If you cancel this cover after this time a return of premium will be provided, less a charge for the number of days cover provided and an administration fee of £15.

We also offer breakdown cover as an optional extra as part of Co-op Car Insurance. Find out more.