Co-op Car Insurance comes with lots of great features, and we’ve some useful optional extras too that you can add to create an insurance policy that’s right for you.

What our car insurance covers

We offer you a range of cover to suit your needs including comprehensive and third party fire and theft. 

Our comprehensive cover offers protection across the UK and means that we’ll:

  • pay for damage you cause to other people, their car or other property (also known as third-party liability cover)
  • repair your car if it’s worth repairing after it’s been damaged in a crash, even if it’s your fault
  • give you the market value of your car if it’s written-off, stolen and not recovered, or destroyed by fire.

Our insurance covers these sort of journeys:

  • social
  • domestic
  • pleasure.

You can also add cover for:

  • going to and from work or a public transport station
  • using your car for work, for example driving between different sites or customer addresses.

You’ll be asked to choose the level you need when you buy our insurance online.

What our car insurance does not cover

There are certain things our insurance doesn’t cover, these include: 

  • professional driving instruction
  • any journeys made as part of motor trade operations
  • hiring your car to someone else
  • motor racing
  • track days.

What’s included with Co-op Car Insurance

These features are included in all Co-op Car Insurance policies: 

  • a courtesy car when one of our approved repairers fixes your car as part of a claim (or up to £200 for alternative travel costs)
  • 24-hour accident recovery service if your car needs to be recovered in an accident for which you could make a claim
  • unlimited cover for cost of replacement keys and locks if your keys are lost or stolen (subject to policy excess)
  • up to 30 days insurance cover in the European Union over the policy year.

Add extras to your car insurance

You can add extra cover when you buy your policy online.

  • UK and European breakdown cover
  • if your car is written-off or stolen, guaranteed hire car will get you back on the road 
  • motor legal expenses insurance can help recover your uninsured expenses when an accident wasn’t your fault.

Find out more about the extras you can choose with Co-op Car Insurance.

Car insurance discounts

There are a number of different discounts available for Co-op Car Insurance including no claim discount, named driver no claim discount and member discount. 

Find out more

Drive less than 4,000 miles a year?

We've teamed up with By Miles to offer car insurance that you pay by the mile.

You pay a fixed upfront fee to cover your car when parked and then a matter of pennies per mile. The less you drive, the less you pay.

Pay per mile insurance is offered through By Miles Ltd.

Why does my price change at renewal?

Car insurance prices can change at renewal, and the reasons why will be different for everyone.

Make a car insurance claim

You can make a claim online or over the phone.

Let us know:

  • your name, address and policy number
  • if any damage was caused or any property was lost
  • if anyone was injured
  • where and when the incident happened
  • the other vehicle’s registration number
  • the other driver’s, name, address, telephone number and insurance details

We need a Police crime reference number if:

  • your car has been stolen
  • your car has been damaged maliciously
  • the other driver did not stop and give their details

Windscreen and glass claims

Use the Auto Windscreens website if your windscreen or window glass is damaged.

Auto Windscreens will take care of your claim. You can arrange a time online for the repairer to come.

There’s a £100 excess for replacement with no excess for a repair.

A windscreen or window glass claim will not affect your no claim discount.


Ecoinsurance helps you offset part of the impact your car has on the environment. It’s the UK’s first car insurance policy to include carbon offsets as part of the cover.

Find out more about how you can become a greener driver.