What do travellers need to look out for in a policy, if one is taken out after Brexit?

Customers should always look for a policy that’s right for their specific needs. Ideally a policy should at least:

  • give you appropriate cover limits,
  • cover your destination,
  • cover you for the duration of your trip,
  • cover all the activities you want to do,
  • cover your medical conditions.

 After Brexit however, there may other things you need to be mindful too. For example;

  • if we’re no longer able to use the EHIC, will your policy give you adequate medical coverage in Europe?
  • if there are delays or disruption due to Brexit, will your policy provide any cover for that?

Like everyone else, we’re still waiting to see exactly what impact Brexit will have on travelling overseas. So we’ll update the answer to this question as things become clearer.