Young driver insurance FAQs

What is the young driver insurance online dashboard?

The dashboard is your online view of how safe you are driving and whether you are on target for a safer driving discount. It also provides you with access to your policy documents, including your Certificate of Motor Insurance. It is also where we will send any driving alerts.

How do I log in to the self-service centre?


Log in to the self-service centre to let us know about a change.

You can also:

  • view and download your policy documents
  • make a payment
  • change a payment.

Young driver

If you have our young driver insurance, visit the driving dashboard page to:

  • check your driving scores
  • view your policy documents.

If you want to make a change to your policy, please call 0333 0050 235^.

Co-op Car Insurance

If you bought your Co-op Car Insurance through the Co-op Insurance website, or over the phone, you can make changes to your policy by calling 03457 46 46 46^.

^Call charges

What happens if I want to change my car?

Let us know you're changing your car. Get in touch on 0333 009 6702^.

Lines open:
8am-8pm Mon-Fri
9am-2pm Saturday

There's an additional charge if we need to fix a black box in your new car. See our fees and charges.

^Call charges

How do I make a change to my young driver policy?

You can make a change by calling our enquiry line on 0333 009 6702^.

Please see our fees and charges for more information.

^Call charges

Is mileage limited with the smartbox?

There are no mileage limits with our young driver insurance.

Is there a time of day driving curfew?

None of our policies, including our young driver insurance, have a curfew.

With young driver insurance, we can track your driving and give you an overall safer driving score. Drivers with good scores may get discounts based on:

  • speed
  • cornering
  • braking and acceleration
  • driving at dangerous times (11pm-5am).

Night-time driving is considered more dangerous because this is when the worst accidents happen. Driving a lot between 11pm - 5am may affect your safer driving score.

Can I cancel the young driver insurance policy if it’s not for me?

Yes, you can cancel your young driver insurance at any time. Administration fees apply, depending on when you decide to cancel. For full details, visit our fees and charges page.

Do you insure learner drivers?

Yes. Our young driver insurance is perfect for learner drivers who need insurance as they can track their performance using their online driving dashboard.

What safer driving discounts do I get?

You can get a discount of up to 22.5% of your remaining premium if you score well on your safer driving score. This score is reviewed every 90 days and calculated based on the four safe driving parameters:

  • your speed
  • how you take corners
  • how hard you brake and accelerate
  • the time of day you drive. 

What happens at renewal with Young Driver insurance?

Your policy will be invited for renewal 3-4 weeks prior to your renewal date. We'll use your driving scores to help us calculate your renewal premium.

I recently got a young driver insurance quote; how do I retrieve it?

Your young driver insurance quote was emailed to the address you used when you got your quote. This email contains a link so you can make changes to your quote or buy your policy.

Can I have multiple drivers on the same Young Driver insurance policy?

Yes, there can be an additional three named drivers on the policy.

Can I be over 24 and take out Co-op Young Driver Insurance?

Yes, although our Young Driver Insurance is primarily aimed at drivers aged between 17 and 24, you can take out a policy if you're 25 or over we can insure drivers up to 75 yrs old.

Is Young Driver insurance available in Northern Ireland/Scotland/Channel Islands?

Young driver insurance is only available within mainland Great Britain. Also, there are some postcodes in Scotland where it isn't available - these are: GY1 - GY9, JE1 - JE4, PA72 - PA78, KA27, TR21, TR25, ZE1 - ZE3, HS1 - HS9, IM1 - IM9,IV1 - IV28, IV30 - IV36, IV40 - IV49, IV51 - IV56, IV63, KW1 - KW3, KW5 - KW17,PA1 - PA7, PA10 - PA38, PA41 - PA49, PA60 - PA71.

What excesses apply to young driver insurance?

In addition to the Standard Excess, a Young Driver Excess (dependent on age), Inexperienced Driver Excess (for drivers aged over 25 who have held a full licence for less than 12 months) and Voluntary Excess may apply. Visit our excesses page for full details.

How do I get my young driver insurance documents?

Your young driver insurance documents are stored on your online dashboard. These can be downloaded or printed. If you want us to send you a hard copy of your young driver insurance document get in touch on 0333 009 6702^.

^Call charges

Who is Wunelli Ltd?

Wunelli Ltd is an independent company who we have appointed to:

  • install the smartbox
  • supply the data we use to check your driving performance.

For details about how Wunelli use the smartbox data visit their website.

Can the smartbox tell who is driving the car?

No, the smartbox system can’t tell who is driving the car.

Do I have to have the smartbox installed before young driver insurance can start?

No, young driver insurance can start as soon as you want, however you must have the smartbox installed within 14 days of the start date of your policy. When you buy the policy you're able to book a date and time for the smartbox to be installed.

Who owns the Smartbox?

The smartbox is owned by CIS General Insurance Ltd.

Can smartbox be fitted to all cars?

Smartbox is available for most cars although some aren't compatible with the device. We'll let you know if your car isn’t compatible before you take out the policy.

When will I be able to see reports of my driving style?

Once a smartbox has been installed it will start to monitor the car immediately. Your reports will feed through to your online dashboard on a daily basis.

Is the smartbox connected to the Police?

No, but breaking the speed limit could lead to your premium cost increasing or your policy being cancelled.

Can the smartbox be used when there is more than one driver on the policy?

Yes, the smartbox measures how the vehicle is being driven and measures whoever drives the vehicle.

Will you share my young driver insurance driving data with anybody else?

Learn more about how Co-op Young Driver Insurance handles your data.

Does it cost anything to install smartbox for young driver insurance?

There's no extra charge for installing the smartbox, as it's included in the price.

However if you change your car, a charge may apply to install a new smartbox in the new vehicle. Visit our fees and charges page for full details.

Can I change the smartbox installation date?

Yes, you'll need to give 24 hours' notice, just call us on 0800 055 6608^.

^Call charges

What happens after I sign up for the young driver insurance policy?

Your smartbox will be installed by one of our engineers at the time selected by you, unless we let you know otherwise.

You must upload the following documents through your online dashboard within 14 days of the policy start date:

  • vehicle registration document (also known as the logbook or V5)
  • DVLA driving licence information summary for all drivers
  • proof of No Claim Discount
  • proof of address for policyholder.

Once the smartbox is installed it will immediately start to measure your driving. You can then start to track how you're driving by logging into your online dashboard.

Will I be entitled to a safer driving discount at renewal?

We take into account the safer driving discount you got at the end of the year when calculating your renewal premium.

We then continue to review your driving scores every 90 days as before from your renewal date.

When will I earn my safer driving discount?

Your price will be reviewed every 90 days. Your customer dashboard will tell you whether you're on course for a discount or an increase in price. The dashboard will give tips and advice on what to do if it's looking like you'll be getting an increase in premium.

What is a safer driver discount?

The safer driver discount is a discount to your premium when you drive safely and drive during safer times of the day (5am - 11pm). 

With Young Driver insurance, could my premium go up as well as down?

Yes. We might increase your Young Driver insurance premium if you continually demonstrate poor driving behaviour. You can see whether this will happen via your online dashboard.

We'll also send regular alerts to let you know if you're likely to see an increase in your premium. The maximum premium increase applicable is 20% of your annual premium.

What will happen if I don’t get a safer driving discount and my premium increases?

If you've paid annually by credit/debit card, the additional charge will be taken from the credit/debit card you used when you bought the policy.

If you pay monthly by direct debit, we'll increase your future monthly payments. In both instances we'll inform you of the additional amount in your premium review every 90 days, and let you know when the extra premium will be taken.

How will my safer driving discount be paid?

If you've paid for young driver insurance annually by credit/debit card your discount will be credited back to your card or bank account. If you pay monthly we'll reduce your future monthly payments.

Can I remove the smartbox?

Once the smartbox has been installed, it needs to remain in the car for the life of the policy. If you want to have the box removed once the policy has ended we can do this for an additional charge.

What does the smartbox look like?

The smartbox is about the size of a mobile phone, and is made of black plastic.

Co-op Blackbox

What driving features are used to calculate my safer driver discount?

The safer driving discount is calculated using the data supplied by the smartbox. We measure the following safe driving parameters:

  • your speed
  • how you take corners
  • how hard you brake and accelerate
  • the time of day you drive.

Who provides breakdown cover for young driver insurance?

Young driver breakdown cover is provided by RAC.

If I brake suddenly as a one-off, will I be penalised?

Occasional instances of sudden braking shouldn't affect the premium as the safer driving score is calculated on driving patterns over 180 days not individual events. We understand there will be times when you have to brake suddenly or accelerate out of a sticky situation. 

Do I need a Green Card?

The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020 and an agreement with the EU has been reached which means that Green Cards will be required as proof of insurance when driving in the EU and EEA.

You will need to carry a Green Card when driving in the EU and EEA. Those who travel without one may be breaking the law and may not be allowed to drive in the country they are visiting.

Vehicles towing a trailer or caravan will also need a separate Green Card for the trailer or caravan.

  • If you require a Green Card for your vehicle and caravan/trailer please contact us 21 days before you are travelling and we will arrange for one to be sent to you.

In addition to a Green Card, you will need to take your driving licence and V5C log book with you and display a GB sticker on your vehicle.

You may also need an International Driving Permit to drive in some EU/EEA countries.

For more information on driving abroad and any required documentation, please review the following websites:


Do you insure drivers under 25 years of age?

Yes, we can provide insurance for under-25s. Choose from: