Flexible home insurance

Co-op Home Insurance comes with lots of great features, and we’ve some useful optional extras too that you can add to create an insurance policy that’s right for you.

Home emergency cover

HomeRescue Plus is an optional extra you can add to your buildings insurance policy to cover against:

  • your boiler, hot water system, central heating or main heating source breaking down
  • the gas or electricity supply in your home breaking down
  • plumbing problems to do with to blocked drains, leaking pipes, leaking radiators, water tanks or blocked toilet waste pipes in your home
  • permanent loss of all the keys you need to get into your home.
  • your home getting infested by:
    • brown and black rats
    • house and field mice
    • grey squirrels (red squirrels are protected by law)
    • wasp and hornet nests

    We’ll pay up to £250 (including VAT) for emergency repairs needed.

    Other benefits

    • no excess to pay
    • a 24-hour helpline
    • access to a network of approved repairers
    • £100 towards somewhere to stay and transport if your home becomes unsafe to stay in overnight
    • no limit on the number of times you can claim.

    We do not cover

    • wear and tear
    • a problem occurring in the first 14 days of cover
    • damage to garages, sheds or greenhouses
    • costs that we have not agreed to in advance
    • damage caused by a deliberate act of any utility company.

    Our home emergency cover is provided by AXA Assistance (UK) Ltd.

    Add this cover

    Choose HomeRescue Plus when you buy your policy online or over the phone or at any time by giving us a call on 0345 46 46 46^.

Accidental damage cover

This optional extra can be added to buildings or contents. It extends your amount of cover against accidental damage. Buildings and contents are priced as separate items so you can choose just one, or both if you need to.

Buildings: what’s covered

Loss or damage caused by, for example:

  • DIY accidents like drilling through a pipe or cable
  • putting your foot through the ceiling

Contents: what’s covered

Loss or damage caused by, for example:

  • spilling paint on a carpet
  • dropping an ornament

Damage isn't covered when:

  • it's been caused by wear and tear
  • your home is being rented out or lent to someone else
  • your home has nobody staying in it
  • it's been caused by a pet

Add this cover

Choose accidental damage cover when you buy your policy online or over the phone or at any time by giving us a call on 03457 46 46 46^.

Valuables cover whilst you're out and about

Personal possessions cover is an optional extra you can add to your contents insurance.

It's there to cover the stuff you take out and about, and your valuables, against loss, theft and accidental damage.

What’s covered

Personal belongings such as jewellery, cameras, mobile phones, tablets and golf clubs. 

For most items, there is a limit of £2,000 for each item, pair, set, or collection, apart from:

  • bicycles and wheelchairs, up to £1,000 each, as long as you don’t leave them unlocked in a public place
  • sports equipment up to £1,000 in total
  • money and credit cards up to £500
  • mobile phones up to £250 and £25 for lost call credit

Make sure you choose the overall amount you need to cover all the stuff you take out and about:

  • £2,500
  • £5,000
  • £7,500
  • £10,000
  • £12,500

Add this cover

Choose personal possessions cover as an optional extra when you buy your policy online

High-value items cover

If you need to insure more expensive items, call us on 03457 46 46 46^. We may be able to give you a quote that includes cover for high-value items with a higher overall limit.

For example:

  • an engagement ring valued at £2,500
  • a bicycle valued at £1,200, as long as you do not leave it unlocked in a public place
  • a smartphone valued at £700