More often than not, individuals are put off volunteering because they feel they have nothing to offer. But what many of us don’t realise is that we possess numerous skills from simply doing our day jobs that many organisations can really benefit from. To give you a few ideas of how you could be helping out your local community, we’ve rounded up 10 key skills you may already have from work.

1. Marketing

Although it may be second nature to you, lots of smaller charities need help with managing their social media accounts and distributing their marketing communications. If you know your way around Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or can offer up graphic design skills, you could help out a range of charities that need guidance promoting their efforts.

Man using a laptop in a cafe

2. Literacy

If you’ve got impeccable literacy skills, plenty of charities and community projects are regularly looking for assistance writing up their communications and documents. From writing copy for their website and putting together blog content to composing emails and formal letters, volunteering your literacy skills can significantly improve an organisation’s appearance of professionalism.

3. Accounting

No matter if you’re a chartered accountant or simply work with numbers day to day, community causes are often in need of financial guidance. If you have experience working in finance, why not think about helping out a cause you’re passionate about by volunteering as a treasurer or finance trustee? There are a whole range of projects in need of such help, including sports clubs, homeless shelters and animal rescue shelters.

Woman using calculator at table with latop

4. Administrative

Experience running a business or filling out necessary paperwork can benefit numerous community projects around the country. Using your commercial know-how to streamline processes, become more cost-efficient or ensure the admin is correct and up to date can really benefit a variety of different causes, from community centres to local wildlife projects.

5. IT

IT support is a skill needed by many businesses around the UK. Not only do charities need assistance running their websites, but some organisations also need help maintaining their IT infrastructure on-site. Whatever your skill-level, there are numerous organisations which will benefit from IT assistance, so why not have a look if there are any in your area looking for help?

Businesswoman Giving Computer Training In Office

6. Logistics

If you work in logistics or project management, you might find that charities or local projects which are looking to organise big events, plan day trips or organise sports tournaments could all benefit from your expertise. Often a task that can seem rather daunting to those who have little experience in the field, using your logistics skills could really take the weight off other volunteers’ shoulders.

7. Foreign languages

Donating your time as a translator can be beneficial to a vast number of charities and organisations, from helping people suffering from dementia communicate with their carers, to assisting children with communication at school. If you’re fluent in Welsh, you may even be able to help out at local projects in Wales, assisting with signs, leaflets and information boards.

Nurse holding hand of senior woman in pension home

8. First aid

If you’re employed in healthcare or need a first aid qualification for work, you could think about volunteering your services at charity fundraising events and arts festivals, or becoming a Community First Responder. A particularly rewarding way to volunteer your time, many charities and community projects will require a first aider on-site during activities and events.

9. Teaching

Volunteering your teaching skills can be a very fulfilling way to give up your time. Charities which specialise in mentoring, education and youth support can all offer volunteering roles which will let you put your teaching skills and experience to good use, with different levels of commitment depending on your availability.

Teacher And Pupils Using Wooden Shapes

10. DIY

If you’re a dab hand at DIY, why not ask your local age-related charity or hospice if they need any help? Our elderly communities can sometimes require assistance fitting shelves, putting together furniture or tending their gardens. If you know your way around a tool box, volunteering your DIY skills can be great way to do bags more in your community.

With so many skills in demand by charities and community projects across the country, there are plenty more ways you can do more for your local area. Do you know of any more skills that organisations are in need of? Let us know via Facebook and Twitter.