Giving back to the community you live in can be very rewarding. But with so many fantastic organisations out there, deciding which community projects you should donate your time to can be tricky. To give you a better idea of how you can help out projects near you, we’ve picked out five rewarding ways you can donate your time to a good cause.

1. Enrich lives

If you’re looking for a fun, fulfilling way to donate your time, why not think about supporting people with learning disabilities through social activities? Organisations such as The Sunnybank Trust in North East Surrey arrange regular social activities which you can get involved in. By offering your support to those who are isolated or low in confidence, you can improve their wellbeing through fun activities such as arts and crafts, drama groups or music sessions.

2. Provide transport

Providing transport services to those in your community who can’t get where they need to be is an essential service to many causes around the UK. You’ll often need to have your own car and couple of years’ driving experience under your belt before you can help out the cause of your choice. If you’re not sure where to start, hospices are often in need of drivers to get their patients to and from hospital appointments, and it can be a particularly rewarding way to give up your time.

3. Offer support

If you’re a good listener and want to help those who have been through hard times, why not think about donating your time to a support service? Charities such as Mothers for Mothers in Gloucestershire and Somerset support mothers who suffer from postnatal depression, helping them make positive steps towards the future.

4. Deliver food

Helping your local foodbank is a great way to donate your time. The Trussell Trust Foodbank Network runs a network of over 400 foodbanks around the UK, and there are a number of volunteering roles where you can put your time and skills to good use. Weighing and sorting food in warehouses, giving out food parcels, and encouraging people to donate and collect items in supermarkets are all key ways you can get involved.

5. Teach others

If you’re passionate about improving education for children in your area, you could think about becoming a reading helper in local schools. Organisations such as Beanstalk train and facilitate volunteers to help in schools twice a week, supporting students with their literacy skills in their early years of development. Or if you’ve got a passion for a particular hobby or subject, why not see if there’s a charity near you which will enable you to pass it on?

If you’d like to get involved in one of these volunteering roles, why not see if there are similar positions at organisations in your area? We’d love to hear about any rewarding ways you’re already donating your time, so keep us posted on Facebook and Twitter.