7 Sheds that will make Your House Look Shabby

Sheds are traditionally considered as low-maintenance storage spaces, often packed to the gills with garden tools and cobweb-covered sun loungers. That said, people are beginning to up the ante when it comes to the once-humble garden shed.

Take a look at these seven outbuildings that will make you feel like you need to up your shed game.

The trendy Wendy


Image credit: Flickr.com / Shedking, CC 2.0

This shed, with its pretty surrounding flower beds, hanging baskets and window shutters is like an adult-sized Wendy house. The wall clock and the paving leading up to the door make it particularly picturesque.

The box shed


Image credit: Flickr.com / Stephen Pierzchala, CC 2.0

This little square box of a shed is the perfect marriage of home and garden. The bird houses and heart-shaped trellis welcome nature with open arms, making it particularly special.

The log cabin


Image credit: Flickr.com / Henry Burrows, CC 2.0

This shed’s rustic vibe is the perfect mixture of gingerbread house and log cabin. The long door hinges and tall window really add to the overall design.

The thatch-roofed retreat


Image credit: Flickr.com / crabchick, CC 2.0

Heading down to the bottom of the garden for some quiet time would feel extra special if this was your place of sanctuary. The thatched roof gives this shed unparalleled character.

The ivy-covered hideaway


Image credit: Flickr.com / sakura, CC 2.0

Looking like something from the pages of a Grimm brothers’ fairy-tale, this shed is begging for you to open the doors and take a look inside. The turquoise doors and iron handles add to its intriguing nature.

The hidden treasure


Image credit: Flickr.com / Barbara Samuel, CC 2.0

With the moss-covered roof and the colourful jungle that surrounds this distinctive shed, you’d be forgiven for missing it entirely. You may need to pull back some ferns to get to the door, but that only works to add to its mysterious ‘secret garden’ charm.

The mellow yellow shed


Image credit: Flickr.com / Elizabeth Anderson, CC 2.0

This shed adds more than a splash of colour to your garden! Doubling up as a garage and shed, this futuristic feature is as practical as it is colourful.

Feeling inspired? We know we are! It just goes to show that a shed needn’t be a dumping ground for unused items – it can actually be a distinctive second space that adds to the character of your home.