If you’ve got kids, donating your spare time to a community project might seem like a big ask. But what if you could volunteer together? To give you a better idea of how you and your kids can help your community, we’ve found 10 fun ways you can all start doing #BagsMore together.

1. Donate old toys and clothes

If you’ve got a few of your children’s old clothes and toys lying around, why not think about sorting through them as a family and donating them to a good cause? There are plenty of family and children’s charities that accept clothes and toy donations, and you’ll also benefit from a good declutter!

UK-wide charities such as the NSPCC and Barnardo’s need these items, but there may also be smaller ones in your community, like Home-Start in Oldham, Stockport and Tameside, which you can donate to as well.

2. Attend Good Neighbours events

With the aim of improving the wellbeing of senior communities, Good Neighbours schemes are a great way for families to get involved in community projects. Regular socials such as coffee mornings, lunch clubs and group activities are a big part of these schemes, so why not see if there’s one near you which you and your kids can get involved in? Just give it a Google to find your local group.

3. Preserve natural habitats

If you and your kids are big animal lovers, there are plenty of opportunities around the UK where the whole family can get involved. The RSPB allows families to volunteer together, and there are a number of ways children can participate with permission from their parent or guardian.

Joining the National Trust or your local Wildlife Trust as a family is also a fun option, enabling you to support projects which protect the local wildlife in your area. If you’d rather do your bit at home, why not think about making your garden more nature friendly? Bird boxes, water features, flowering plants and hedges are all great for creating natural habitats in your garden.

4. Fundraise for a local charity

A fun way to support a cause that is special to you, fundraising for local causes as a family is a great way to get your kids involved. From organising a sponsored walk to holding a bake sale, there are lots of ways you can raise money together. Why not let your kids come up with their own ideas on how you can fundraise together too?

5. Clean up beaches

We all love a trip to seaside, so why not tie it in with helping a good cause? Volunteering at a beach clean near you is a good way to look after the environment, while also teaching your kids about protecting marine life. The Marine Conservation Society organises regular beach cleans around the UK, so take a look to see if there’s one coming up near you.

6. Recycle

Getting your kids to help with the recycling at home is a great way to get them interested in environmental causes. From taking trips to the bottle bank to sorting paper from plastics, recycling is a good option for younger children who want to do their bit.

7. Get involved in an integrated play scheme

Integrated play schemes provide social opportunities for children with additional needs. Organisations such as CHIPS in East Hertfordshire facilitate integrated play events and allow volunteers aged 12 and above. Children of volunteers over the age of three are also welcome, making it a great activity for the whole family to get involved in.

Volunteering as a family can be a very rewarding. If you know of any fun ways to do #BagsMore with your kids, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.