A Pet Is For Life

Animals are proven to help combat loneliness, anxiety and depression so it’s no wonder many people are seriously contemplating purchasing a pet during this time.  Being in isolation, particularly for those who live alone, is not easy. Having a dog or cat for company is naturally a nice thought.  Though there are several factors to consider before taking on a pet. 


You’ve probably heard of the saying ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’. Well this is very true. The average life span of a dog is 13 years. The global pandemic may not be leaving any time soon, but your dog is sure to out live it. Therefore, you shouldn’t rush in and make any rash decisions. Afterall, this is a life we’re talking about. 


Pets don’t come cheap. It is estimated the average breed of dog costs its owner around £20,000 during its lifetime. Not only is pet food pricey but you can expect a few unforeseen trips to the vet. Ensure you have thoroughly reviewed your finances and plan ahead, so you know you can truly afford owning a pet. 


This won’t be applicable if you opt for a cat however, if you choose a pooch, depending on the breed it will have certain exercise needs. For example, a Boxer will need a lot of exercise compared to say a Chihuahua. This needs to be factored into your daily routine. 


For those looking at getting a dog, if you have children at home you need to be mindful of the temperament of the breed you choose to buy. Huskies and Dobermans are known for not being family friendly dog breeds. Make sure you do your research and find a pet that suits everyone in your household. 


The Manchester Dogs Home, founded in the 19th century and based in Harpurhey in North Manchester, is home to hundreds of stray dogs. People who cannot or might not want to fully commit to owning a dog can volunteer at the home and walk the dogs as and when they choose. This is a great way to discover whether owning a dog really is for you. 

If you do decide to go ahead and get a pet, don’t forget you can protect them with Co-op Pet Insurance

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