Autumn tips for your garden

Don’t let your garden fade as the seasons change!

Spring gets all the garden attention, but as the year is winding down, autumn is the perfect time to prep and plant your garden. Cooler weather means plants are less stressed by heat.

Visit your local garden and look specifically for specialty bulbs for the autumn season! Remember to plant your bulbs, flowers and plants on schedule for the perfect time to bloom.

Add some colour
Get colour in your garden this autumn. Our social media followers  like to plant bulbs at this time time of year to add colour. Winter daffodils are one of the most perfect flowering bulbs for this time of year. They produce and bright vibrant colour which will be perfect for adding some colour to your garden.

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Plants in baskets
Pansies are an annual flower that grow in the winter. A great way to brighten up your garden during the colder months. As these flowers have a vibrant burst of colours, they are ideal for hanging baskets.


Greens in your garden look best in the winter and Autumn is the ideal time to fill in the gaps in your borders. Glossy evergreens are a staple to all autumn gardens. The mix of warm soil and cool air stimulates root growth to help your tree or shrub grow during this period.

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Other Autumn tips

  • Remember to check your soil. Turn or add new compost to keep it fresh.
  • Feed your lawn. Don’t let your grass suffer, give it the nutrients it needs.
  • Protect sensitive plants. Some plants can’t survive the colder months, they might need to be covered.
  • Feed the birds. Don’t forget our autumn garden friends

Ready for spring
Our Twitter and Facebook followers are already preparing for spring by planting bulbs and seeds ready for growth next year. Planting in autumn can help roots as they continue to grow and store up energy ready for the next growing season.

Try something new

These are what our social media followers are planting this autumn/winter!


Remember to keep warm as you’re planting outside and it can get quite chilly!