How does our chatbot calculate the average?

We ask you to choose your age bracket, the region you live in, some additional driver details and the value of your car. We then compare this information against our database of customers. This information is then used to calculate an average of what people who fall within the same categories as you, pay for their car insurance direct from Co-op Insurance, excluding any optional extras.

The price you’re given in the chatbot isn’t a quote and in some cases will vary substantially from a full quotation. The questions we ask are listed below: 

Question 1- How old are you?

Possible answers – 17-19, 20-23, 24-28, 29-36, 37-50 and 51-75.

Question 2 – Where do you live?

Possible answers – Anglia, Greater London, Isle of Man, Midlands, North West, North East, Scotland, Northern Ireland, South West and Wales and Other (If your area isn’t here we don’t have the data for this just let)

Question 3 – Who will be driving the car?

Possible answers – Just Me, Me and Spouse, Me and Co-habiting Partner, Me and 1 driver, Me and 2 drivers and Me and 3 drivers.

Question 4 – What is the value of the car you want to insure?

Possible answers – Under £5,000, £5,000 to £15,000 and Above £15,000

There are other factors that can affect the price of your insurance so the figure you’ve been given by the chatbot may differ from the price given after a full quote. For more information on car insurance pricing see:

Once you’ve seen the average price paid by people who chose the same categories as yourself you can then you can choose to go to our website for a full, accurate quote.

Any data you provide in the chatbot will be stored but we’ll only use it to provide the average and won’t share it with any 3rd parties.

What is a chatbot? How do they work?

Chatbots mimic real-world conversations using artificial intelligence. They are available 24/7, making them increasingly popular to those requiring immediate answers.

Chatbots are popular for a number of services, including weather forecasts, news and personal finance. Although chatbots are predominantly popular on Facebook Messenger, they are also available on Skype, WhatsApp, etc.

The two types of chatbot users can engage with are either rule-based or machine-learned. Rule-based bots respond to specific commands, requiring users to choose from a selection of answers. Machine-learned bots can understand complex language and conversation as well as commands.

To exit the chatbot at any point just select the customer service button.

If you haven’t tried our chatbot yet, you can chat by clicking the button below