Sometimes bad things happen. Things that we can’t avoid, especially with cars.

You wouldn’t want to be caught out in the middle of nowhere and something goes wrong with your car. You might think to yourself, how am I going to fit everything in my car? Shouldn’t I travel light? Why would I want to weight down my car?

These items can be easily stored into small spaces without you realising. Better to make sure you have these emergency items than not at all. Our community has given us some things that they always keep in their car in case of emergencies.

Bottles of water
You can even get the smaller sizes. Not only do cars need to recharge, we do to. Water is essential to keeping our bodies hydrated, especially in stressful situations.

One of the most essential items to keep in your car. A must to be able to see in the dark.

First aid kit
This is essential is case of an emergency. Yourself or someone close could be injured and a first aid kit can help many injuries

Remember your owners manual. Sometimes you just need help on the simple things your car can do.

High energy foods
Long lasting full of sugar high energy snacks. These might not be your ideal snacks but these are essential at the side of the road.

Fully charged phone
Mobile phones of today don’t seem to have a long battery life. It might be worth keeping an old switched off phone in your car or a fully charged battery pack. All you need if enough to make an emergency or breakdown call

Other items
If you’re more technical with cars then you might want to include items such as: Tyre repair kit and jump leads. If you still feel like you need more, then items such as personal medication, spare clothes and a map can also be useful.

Winter Checklist
Winter is here to make sure you have these additional items:
Blanket/Warm clothes
Ice scraper
Extra screen wash
Topped up Antifreeze

It’s better to be well-prepared to manage many roadside situations.