Most Expensive Places to Rent in the UK

Rent prices are perpetually unstable, and vary wildly from one corner of the UK to another. In some areas, a large chunk of peoples’ monthly earnings is spent on simply keeping a roof over their heads, while for others, the cost of living is much more manageable.


The hub of the country in terms of finance and politics, living in historic London comes at an eye-watering rental price. On average, people cannot afford to buy property in the city until they are in their 40s, which leaves a huge amount of London workers paying the average monthly rent of £1,418.

Many still choose to live in the capital, however, as the job market is better than anywhere else, but some claim that rent in the city amounts to more than 50% of their income.


Guildford, in Surrey, has one of the lowest crime rates in the UK. As a result, many people with young families relocate here from London, while still keeping their job in the city. Because of this rental prices don’t come cheap, and the average – in an area that varies hugely in price – is around £1,032 per person. This may seem slightly better than London, but is still far above the UK average.


Bath is a highly sought-after area to live in. Known for having an excellent school system, again, it’s a popular choice for families making the move out of London. Rental prices in this beautiful, historic city reflect its plus points and grandeur, and average around £1,070 per person.


Brighton has become a hugely popular city, largely because of its prime, beachside location and direct, hour long train service to London. The popularity of this commute, naturally, raises rental prices, which means that to live in Brighton, you’d be looking at an average monthly rent of £1,045.


Like Brighton, Oxford is located well within an hour of London, making it popular for not just commuters of all ages, but students. The area is home to a renowned university atmosphere and numerous institutions in which to study higher education, and, to the delight of families, is a very safe place to settle down with youngsters. The result? An average monthly rent of £1,236.

Do you think these sky-high rents are worth the cost?


Image credits:
H Matthew Howarth /, CC