Finding New Business: The Importance of Online Networking

One of the main aims of many business owners is to continuously extend their client base, connecting with potential customers who may not be aware of their services. Marketing and other forms of networking have changed beyond recognition over the years, and developing an online presence has become more important than ever.


In the past, trying to find new business was considered fairly straightforward. Trade publications, local and national newspapers, and radio and television media were the main avenues available for advertising. Business owners would make a decision on their chosen outlet based on the size, scale and geographic reach of their type of operation.


However, using these mediums alone is no longer enough for many businesses: developing an ‘online presence’ has taken on a great deal of importance in the age of the internet. The majority of larger businesses now have complex online marketing campaigns to reach their target audiences in the most effective way possible.


The rise in popularity of business-oriented networking services such as LinkedIn, as well as social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, are testament to the new ways that people and businesses are interacting with each other on a regular basis. Updating these platforms regularly and developing a social identity can be a great way of building a network of like-minded business contacts, as well as attracting potential customers to your offering.


By distributing interesting and informative content online, whether it’s in the form of how-to videos or a series of articles, you stand a chance of not only promoting your business and making customers aware of any offers, but you positioning yourselves as experts in your field.


Online blogs are another popular way that businesses are achieving these objectives. A blog on the website can also help companies to develop a tone of voice and a more ‘personal’ relationship with customers, as well as provide a platform to host all of their useful content in one place.


Developing an online presence is more important for some businesses than it is for others. If you’re struggling to figure out where to start, a good suggestion is to determine how your target audience behave, what media they use and what kind of content they engage with, so you can tailor your online strategy accordingly. Once you’ve done this, why not dive in and get your name in front of them?


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