Five reasons why dash cams are useful

We all want to stay safer on our roads, but do we really need a dash cam? Well, as it turns out, they can actually be pretty useful. From helping protect against fraudsters to capturing magical moments, here are a few reasons why a dash cam could give you peace of mind while on the road.

1. Proving you’re not at fault

Being involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault is always frustrating. What’s more frustrating however, is not being able to prove your innocence. With a rise in ‘crash for cash’ scams in recent years, being able to provide your own video evidence of what really happened is proving incredibly useful for drivers.

Dash cams are fitted to your car and can record in high definition during both day and night. They operate on a loop recording system and come with a memory card, making sure you never miss an incident. If you do have a bump and you’re not at fault, this can help with your insurance claim depending on who you’re with.

2. Tracking down who bumped your car

Unfortunately, not all drivers stop or leave a note when they bump your car. If you’ve been bumped while driving, you’ll be able to re-watch the incident in HD playback. So, instead of simply having to put up with it the next time someone damages your car, you could be able to use the video footage as evidence when making a claim depending on your insurance provider.

3. Keeping an eye on young drivers

If you have a young driver insured on the family car, it can be handy to keep an eye on their motoring skills. Inexperienced new drivers could make decisions that you might not approve of. Are they consistently parking in areas you would deem unsafe? Or do they have a habit of driving their friends all over town without permission? Either way, it can be handy to double check that they’re always being safe while out and about.

4. Teaching learner drivers

If you’re helping to teach a friend or family member to drive, being able to watch back footage of certain manoeuvres can help learners see where they’re going wrong. From three point turns to parallel parking, having another perspective can be very handy when it comes to highlighting repeated mistakes.

5. Capturing unexpected moments 

If you encounter the unexpected while driving, stopping the car to capture the footage on camera isn’t always an option. However, when something remarkable happens, that’s exactly what you want to do. Whether it’s a spectacular weather system or a heart-stopping near miss, you’ll be glad to have the moment recorded.