Getting your business off the ground requires a big monetary investment, but in order to grow your business and continue trading, you need customers. So, how could you work on attracting more of them?

Go online

Businesses and customers alike are becoming much savvier towards marketing, advertising and online presence. Over recent years, the impact of online marketing has been increasingly noted. A number of businesses, however, still fail to use it to its full potential.

According to figures, less than half (45%) of small businesses have a website – putting themselves at an immediate disadvantage. Yet, even those with a website could be struggling to assert themselves effectively. Almost half (45%) of internet users claim they struggle to find the website of a particular business, meaning those without websites could be losing existing customers. SMBs aren’t furthering their potential on mobile selling, either, with only 6% of the UK investing in mobile-optimised sites.

To combat this, a dedicated online marketing strategy could be a saving grace. This strategy could focus on search engine ranking, SEO techniques, relevant and unique content creation along with social media activity, and a user-friendly online experience.

Target local markets

Whilst online promotion can be good for reaching a wider audience, local markets can also prove beneficial. Potentially, a surprising amount of business could be generated from traditional marketing strategies, which makes combining an online presence with print marketing a feasible thing to think about. Advertising in local directories and distributing printed materials could still be beneficial, but there are extra options you could consider if you have a larger budget, such as television and radio advertisements.

Attend business events

These occur on both a local and national scale and are great for networking. Not only could you get the opportunity to form new business relationships, but you could also attract a significant amount of interest from new customers. One idea could be to distribute professional-quality materials to attendees, to offer them extra information and provide your contact details.

Use different media

Some of the best marketing strategies have been known to utilise different strands of media, which can help to make a campaign as prolific as possible. Video marketing is a particularly rich area to target, with 100 million internet users watching a video every day, and 90% of shoppers admitting that they find videos on retail websites helpful. The effects of video marketing aren’t only short-term, either. As much as 80% of internet users recall watching a video within 30 days of seeing it, and almost half this number (46%) took action after watching it.

Deliver good service

Even the flashiest marketing campaign in the world couldn’t make up for poor customer service, or a failure to deliver on your promises. By investing sufficient time in perfecting the services and products you offer, and making sure to deliver the highest possible quality of service, you could end up with some very happy customers indeed.


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