Gardening questions with David Domoney

Your gardening questions answered by David Domoney.

Having a garden is great, especially as the weather is getting warmer again but not everyone is blessed with green fingers.

Rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in is the way to go but sometimes we need the help of an expert. This is why we drafted in TV gardener David Domoney to answer your gardening questions.

From the best plants for shady spots to saving your lawn after a dog has destroyed it, watch the video of our live Q&A and improve your gardening knowledge.

David didn’t get to answer all your questions on the day. Here are the responses to some of the questions we missed out:

Barbara asked: Can you grow fruit bushes in pots please?

Yes, Barbara, there are many fruit trees and bushes that will grow well in pots. You will want a good size pot that is 45-50cm in diameter for most, or you can buy them already potted at a garden centre. You can grow apples, cherries, figs, and many, many more. Blueberries are especially great for pots as they are very fussy about how acidic their soil is.

Paul asked: What’s a good indoor plant for someone with no garden that won’t grow too big and is easy to manage?

Crassula ovata, sometimes known as a Money Plant, Jade Plant, or Friendship Tree, is a great indoor plant. It is a succulent so it is really easy to care for – you can forget to water it for ages and it will survive. They will eventually get large if you leave them, but they are slow growing and you just prune them back occasionally.

Debbie asked: What could I be doing to help the birds in my garden?

Birds need what we all need – food, water, and a safe place to go – especially in the winter. A bird bath will give them water, just be sure to refresh the water the water a couple of times a week. Birdfeeders will help them keep going and stay well-fed. Birdboxes will provide a safe place to nest and lay their eggs. You can even do some planting – pyracantha, honeysuckle, cotoneaster – there are loads of plants that draw birds in by providing protective shelter or berries to eat.

Joan asked: We have a lot of moss on the lawn. How can we get rid of it? 

Get in there with your rake and clear it out. A fan shaped spring tine rake is best for this task if you’ve got one, and you can clear any other debris while you’re at it. You can make your job a lot easier by putting down a moss and weed killer, and then raking it all out once they’re dead. You can even find fertilisers that kill moss and weeds, all in one, while also feeding your grass.

Aisha asked: I want to plant a wild flower bed in my garden but I’d like some flowers with some real height to give it some different dimensions. Could you give me some names of plants I could use please? Thank you

I love wild flower beds. Foxglove, Columbine, Agrimony, Sorrel, Dark Mullein, and Dropwort are all quite tall.

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