We all know our dogs need exercise, but are they really getting enough? PitPat is a dog activity monitor which keeps you up to speed with how much exercise your canine is getting, helping you keep them happy and healthy day to day.

Making sure your pet gets enough exercise is essential. Not only does exercise help to keep your dog physically fit and healthy, but it also provides mental stimulation, relieving them of things like stress, anxiety and boredom.

If you’re not sure your dog is getting enough exercise, PitPat is a great way to keep track. Since how much physical activity your dog needs varies depending on their breed, age and size, it can be tricky getting it just right. PitPat monitors your dog’s time spent walking, running, playing and resting; allowing you to set goals and track your dog’s progress. To get you started, here’s a quick guide on how to claim and use your PitPat.

Step 1: Claim your PitPat

If you have qualified for the free PitPat then you will be sent a welcome letter.

  1. Go online to pitpatpet.com
  2.  Select ‘Buy now’ and go through the checkout process.
  3. At the end, click on ‘promotional code’ and enter your unique reference code which will be on the welcome letter. Once this has been entered it will reduce the price from £39.99 to free.

If you have any problems redeeming your gift, just call PitPat Customer Services on 01223 967 305.

Step 2: Download the app

To get started, you’ll need to download the free PitPat app from either the App Store or Google Play. If you’re not sure your phone is compatible, you can check the PitPat phone compatibility page.Once it’s downloaded, follow the onscreen instructions to set up PitPat for your dog.

Step 3: Create a profile for your pet

To set up the app, you’ll need to create a profile for your dog. Simply enter your dog’s breed, gender, birthday and weight, and PitPat will give you an exercise guideline tailored specifically to your dog.

If you make a mistake, don’t worry! You can edit your dog’s profile at any time by clicking on the small dog icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the app’s home page. Your dog will probably change weight as it gets older, so keeping your pet’s profile as up-to-date as possible will ensure your dog is always getting the right amount of exercise.

Step 4: Attach the PitPat to your dog’s collar

Remove your dog’s collar before attaching PitPat, then place it on the outside of the collar, away from any buckles and tags. Make sure the strong VELCRO® strap is secured tightly around the collar. If your dog’s collar is wider than 30mm, there will be a VELCRO® extender you can use. Attach the extender inside one end of the PitPat VELCRO® strap first, then attach it to your dog’s collar.

If you need to change the battery, PitPat uses a CR1632 cell battery which is available in most supermarkets and online. The battery should last for about a year, but you’ll know when the battery’s flat as the button won’t flash when you press it.

To change the battery, remove the four screws, open your PitPat and replace the battery. To help you out, here’s a quick guide showing exactly what to do.

Don’t forget to make sure you’ve got the battery the right way around. Gently replace the screws and you should be good to go.

Step 5: Get active

Once your dog is all set up, it’s time to get out there and have some fun. Sync your PitPat to the app to update it with your dog’s latest exercise data. Press the sync button on the app, then wait until the paw button appears on screen. When it appears, press the paw button on your dog’s collar and it’ll transfer the data to your phone. PitPat can store up to a week’s worth of data, so it’s best to sync your PitPat at least once a week.

Now you’re tracking your pet’s activity levels, you’ll know if your dog is getting enough exercise. Take a look to see if you can extend your usual walking route, or look for areas where you can safely let your dog off the lead to up their activity. The PitPat is both waterproof and durable, so if your dog loves water, they can have fun and wear their PitPat all at the same time. Even playing with your dog more at home can help keep them active, and for younger pets, why not look into starting activities like agility or flyball? You might enjoy it just as much as your dog.

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