Insurance that looks after you and the community

Insurance that looks after you and the community 

At the Co-op, we’ve always believed that ‘doing good’ and ‘doing good business’ go hand-in-hand. Co-op Insurance is no different.  

Unlike traditional insurers who just protect against something bad happening, when you buy a policy with Co-op Insurance, we make something good happen too.  

At Co-op Insurance, we’re here to shake-up the insurance market, giving something back to both you and the community so everyone can thrive. 

Safer communities, safer neighbourhoods  

At Co-op Insurance we understand that to some, insurance can seem a little boring. Not us. For 150 years we’ve seen it as an opportunity to make a positive difference all over the UK. That’s because when you buy from Co-op, you’re not only protecting the things which matter most to you. You’re also helping us to safeguard community spaces, support community projects such as Neighbourhood Watch schemes and fund projects that help to lower carbon emissions.  

That’s why our partnerships with Neighbourhood Watch is so important to us.  

We strive to play a key role in communities by encouraging people to get to know those living nearby.  We know that active neighbourhoods, where people talk to their neighbours, check in on them and keep a look out for each other are far less likely to be a target for crime and are better places to live. Together we’re working to make communities safer – that’s what we do.  

One of the biggest projects we work on with Neighbourhood Watch is the Neighbour of the Year Award. Every year, we open nominations for people to nominate their neighbours who go above and beyond to help their neighbourhood and surrounding community, to ultimately crown the UK’s Neighbour of the Year. 

Find out more about of Neighbour of the Year here. 

Keeping our roads safer  

At Co-op Insurance, we’re committed to creating safer communities, including safer roads. 

We work in partnership with Brakethe UK’s road safety charity that exists to stop the needless deaths and serious injuries that happen on the roads every day, making streets and communities safer for everyone. 

We first partnered with Brake over 10 years ago, and since then, we’ve helped Brake further their campaign message through supporting youth engagement projects and delivering workshops within the Co-op Academy network.   

We’re also the first UK insurer to offer financial rewards to encourage safer driving through our young drivers’ telematics policies.  

More sustainable insurance  

What’s special about Co-op Insurance is that we’re part of a wider business who do things differently. That means we don’t just care about keeping you and your family safe, we also care about protecting the world we share too. 

Carbon offsetting When you buy a car or home insurance policy from us, we fund a project that reduces carbon emissions. This is called carbon offsetting. We choose projects that have added social and environmental benefits, like the Gyapa Stoves project in Ghana. It’s not the solution to climate change on its own, but we believe this is an important way to address some of our unavoidable carbon emissions.  

And because we always take the long-term view, we charge fair prices to loyal customers to reward their commitment to us and the planet. 

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