Taking children on a long car journey can be a daunting task for anyone.

We asked our Twitter and Facebook followers how they keep their kids entertained in the car, here are some of our favourites… 


Enola on Facebook and James on Twitter suggested tunes to keep the kids calm. Remember to bring more than one CD or it will definitely get repetitive.

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We had lots of suggestions for games you can play in the car such as; eye spy, counting red cars, practicing maths and spelling, teaching them about road signs and our favourite one from Sammy on Facebook “We play spot Eddie Stobart for 10 points, Co-op for 5 points and Morrison gets 2 points”

Colouring books

Eloise suggested colouring books on Facebook. Crayons are best for car journeys as you don’t need to sharpen and your car seats won’t get a make over from felt tips.


This is obviously a great suggestion, try to avoid too much sugar and anything smelly. Crumb-free snacks saves the tidying up when you get to your destination.

Portable DVD players

This one was the most popular on Facebook and Twitter. DVDs are perfect for entertaining for long periods of time, the only battle you will have to deal with is which film to watch first.

As well as things to entertain here are some other must haves for road trips.

  • Wet wipes – this one doesn’t need an explanation.
  • Bucket/ Bowl – if your child gets car sick.
  • Blanket and a pillow – nothing worst than struggling to get comfy when you’re tired.
  • First aid kit – hopefully you won’t have to use it but accidents can happen.

If you have anymore suggestions send them to us onTwitter or Facebook.