Keeping pets safe on bonfire night

Bonfire Night is fast approaching, and that means one thing: fireworks. If you’ve got a pet at home, you’ll know all too well that this can be a distressing time. Deafening bangs, thick smoke, fizzing sparklers: this time of the year brings a whole host of sights and sounds that can cause playful pets to behave erratically.

But don’t fret. We’ve compiled some top tips for keeping your pets safe during this time. From calming walks to cosy blankets, we’ve got you and your pets covered.

Daytime walkies

While it might not be your usual walking schedule, take your dog for a big walk during the day. This means that your pooch won’t need to be outside when fireworks are going off. Also, try and schedule toilet breaks for your dog before and after the fireworks.

Surround them with their favourite things

Does your dog have a favourite toy? Or perhaps a favourite blanket? Try and make sure all your dog’s favourite things are easily accessible. This can be reassuring for your pet and can help them to relax.

Muffle the sound

Your pet isn’t used to the loud bangs that accompany fireworks, so it can be an incredibly traumatic experience for them. Try your best to block out the sound, whether that be through the television or playing calming music.

Close the curtains

It’s not just the loud noises that frighten your pets, the bright flashes can be startling. Close all your curtains and blinds to block out the light. This will also help to muffle the sound of the fireworks.

Find a hiding place

Sometime, closing the curtains and turning up the TV just won’t cut it and your dog will try to find a hiding place. Some dogs like to hide under the stairs or in an airing cupboard, or you could make your own hiding place for your dog out of duvet covers and blankets.

Be kind

Don’t punish your dog for being frightened as this could make them even more scared in the long run. Try and judge your dog’s mood. If they want to be left alone, give them space. If they need comforting, give them plenty of reassurance, cuddles and strokes.