How to Make your Pet Famous

To us, our pets are the sweetest, cutest, most talented creatures on the planet. In fact, many of us even think they could have a shot at making a name for themselves! But how can you bring the endless joy that your companion brings you, to others?

You could always enter Britain’s Got Talent like Ashley and her pooch Pudsey, but if your pet’s talents only stretch to fetch, you may have more success entering the wonderful world of social media.

Every man and his dog now uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and we mean that literally! Pets the world over now have their very own social media pages manned by their faithful PAs (sorry – owners!), with 24% of dogs and 23% of cats leading an online life. Getting your pet a cult following isn’t quite as simple as posting hundreds of pictures of them, however. There are certain things that famous pets all have in common: