To us, our pets are the sweetest, cutest, most talented creatures on the planet. In fact, many of us even think they could have a shot at making a name for themselves! But how can you bring the endless joy that your companion brings you, to others?

You could always enter Britain’s Got Talent like Ashley and her pooch Pudsey, but if your pet’s talents only stretch to fetch, you may have more success entering the wonderful world of social media.

Every man and his dog now uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and we mean that literally! Pets the world over now have their very own social media pages manned by their faithful PAs (sorry – owners!), with 24% of dogs and 23% of cats leading an online life. Getting your pet a cult following isn’t quite as simple as posting hundreds of pictures of them, however. There are certain things that famous pets all have in common:

The cute factor

The internet loves adorable fluffy cats, energetic dogs and baby anything.

If you have only just brought home your little bundle of joy, now is the time to introduce them to the world, and if you haven’t, why not get your pet’s account rolling with some old baby pictures?

Of course, you don’t have to have youth on your side to be as cute as a button. Take Lil Bub, a cat with a few genetic mutations and bags of cute factor.

She stole the world’s hearts with her sticky-out tongue and tiny stature.

Then there is Boo, a Pomeranian with a haircut that makes him look like a teddy bear and pictures that document him doing cute doggy things, like sleeping and meeting One Direction.

The quirk factor

Sometimes the cute factor only gets you so far, and it helps to have an added quirk factor.

This could be a funny personality trait or endearing looks, like Lil Bub. On the other hand, your pet’s quirk could just stem from how you portray them.
Take Harlow and Indiana, a Weimaraner and Miniature Dachshund who have recently been joined by a new member of the family, Reese.

They are all portrayed as ‘sisters’ and ‘very best friends’ on Instagram, and share a mutual love of Meryl Streep, classic films and cuddling like humans.

The fun factor

Where finding your pet fame is concerned, it always helps to have a sense of humour.

Grumpy Cat is a great example: rather than just being a cat with a funny face, she is ‘grumpy’, and expresses her distaste for everything from Christmas to her celebrity fans.

In reality, her permanently grumpy expression is the result of feline dwarfism, but that hasn’t stopped her snagging a book deal and starring in a film!

The personality factor

It doesn’t matter how cute your pet is, without injecting their personality into their social media page, things could get a little boring.

Rather than just posting pictures of your dog sat by the kitchen door every day, why not get some shots of them sleeping in funny positions or playing in the park? You could even branch out into videos and capture them performing a trick.

Look at Instagram’s short-legged celebrity, Taco, a corgi with a big personality and 13,000 followers! From frolicking on the beach to smiling for the camera, his owners only post their most colourful of snaps.

Is your pet something of an internet celebrity? Tell us all about it! We’d love to add their social media sites to our favourites.

Is your pet something of an internet celebrity? Tell us all about it! We’d love to add their social media sites to our favourites.