The UK’s most popular crossbreed dogs revealed

Our Crossbreed Tool lets people explore different crossbreed dog types. Simply by choosing Dog A and Dog B the tool shows you what crossbreed a mix of those two breeds would make. In total there’s close to 200 different crossbreeds that can be discovered using the tool.

After gathering data for much of 2016, we’re now able to announce the most popular crossbreed dogs in the UK – as chosen by you…over 150,000 of you to be precise! Since the tool launched we’ve had over 200,000 visits and 75% of those visitors have used the tool to discover a type of crossbreed dog!

Here’s our top ten crossbreed countdown…

10. The Bassador



9. The Borador



8. The Affenhuahua



7. The Texas Heeler

Texas Heeler


6. The American Bull Dogue de Bordeaux

American Bull Dogue De Bordeaux


5. The Gollie



4. The Bulloxer



3. The Huskamute



2. The Eurohound

And the top dog is…

1. The Gerberian Shepsky

Gerberian Shepsky

If you want to discover a crossbreed you can use the tool here and remember, if looking at these wonderful dogs has made you want to find one, please check out to give a crossbreed a home.