Pets do the funniest things and here’s the proof…

We collected our favourite stories from the Family Pet Show and people on Facebook and Twitter… it’s a good job they are all cute.


Can you spot Alvin? He’s a Chinese Crested Chihuahua cross who loves to snuggle up in the basket with all the teddies. He’s a year old and full of fun!

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Ruby’s a gorgeous Welsh Westie, is a bit of a TV addict and loves to swing in a hammock with her owner Claire.


Benjen will be 2 in December. He’s a silver tabby Maine Coon and when he stretches out he’s HUGE! He loves to go on walks with his dogs and even likes going into the river.


This is Stephanie’s dog Bronson with his best friend Marley who thinks he’s a cat! Bronson thinks he is a lap dog and believes if he squishes the kids they will stay small forever.  If only it was that easy eh, Stephanie 😉


Mabel is a Springer Spaniel German Shepherd cross who loves rolling in muddy puddles and then jumping all over everyone.


Say hi to Baxter, he is a Cavapoo who loves trying to steal sweets.

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We’ve never seen a cat like Veena before – her fur is so curly we’re jealous. She’s a Cornish Rex, is 6 years old and is a Grandma. She’s addicted to tearing up kitchen roll but she likes giving kisses so we forgive her.


These furry dogs are called Charlie and Lottie…

Although Lottie is younger and smaller she rules the roost.


Say hi to Ernie… he is only 10 weeks old.

Although he is small he still loves chasing his big brother Bert around.


Bora is such a cutie, she’s only 5 months old and is an Exotic Short Hair. She’s the naughty one out of her sisters and loves to chase people’s feet!


This is Betty, she is a Morkie which is a cross between a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier.

Betty is only 6 months old but can do loads of tricks like playing dead and ringing a bell.

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This is Ellie and Enzo, they are German Shepherd puppies who are brother and sister.

They are being very good on their first visit to a pet show.


Elliot is a 6 years old Australian Mist. He’s the star of Elliot’s Pet Warehouse and likes to be walked on a lead but we thought he was perfectly well behaved on his owner’s shoulder!


This is Sherlock, he chewed a strap on a brand new watch on Christmas Day… still cute though.


This is Finlay… he is an Irish Wolf Hound who believe it or not is only 18 weeks old.

He likes to sneak up on people and steal their food.


Woody is the brown Labrador and he just loves to eat socks… you couldn’t stay mad at him though.


Meet Eric, he is a 3 year old pug, one day his owners returned and found he had shredded a full newspaper and eaten a full tub of Pringles.

That sounds like a wild night.


Oscar is a collie cross who recently hurt his leg while chasing rabbits.

Hope you get better soon Oscar.


Here is Bonnie, she is a 2 year old Puggle.

She likes to tear up her bed and loves eating picnic food… she is too cute.

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This is Scott’s cat Peter…

Peter thought he would check that the lemon meringue pie Scott had made tasted ok. Luckily Scott caught him tucking in but his poor dinner guests didn’t get any dessert. 

Scott Cat -Peter

This is Catherine’s dog Nelson…

Nelson has had the shame of being stuck in a cat flap… while chasing the cats he got stuck half way through. He was that wedged in that they had to unscrew the catflap from the door and cut it open to get him out.

Cat dog - Nelson - catflap story