As well as getting your garden ready for the colder weather, it’s important to make sure your house is prepared for everything winter brings with it.

We asked our social community what they do to make sure their property is prepped and here are some of their tips…

Lynda on Facebook summed it up nicely for us with this list:

“Get the chimneys swept, have boiler checked. Clear gutters and get the garden tidied. Buy logs and or coal for the fire. Warmer duvet on bed and a nice throw. Make it cosy, nice rugs and blankets, sausage dog draught excluder begins porch door, lots of candles. and make your Christmas cake!”

This is Helen’s tip for keeping your house warm:

Thermal curtains n close them all at night , as soon as it gets dark . Keeping the heat in n heavy curtain for the front n back doors.”

Chris gave us this advice on Facebook:

“Get cavity wall and loft insulation and make sure you do not have any drafts around your windows and doors”

Here are our suggestions on what you can do to get winter ready:

  1. Secure items in the garden such as furniture and pot plants which could get broken or cause damage or store them where possible in a garage, shed or cellar.
  2. Insulate any exposed pipes to avoid them freezing
  3. As the weather gets colder it’s worth considering bleeding radiators to ensure they work effectively
  4. Ensure you have a supply of grit in the event of icy weather
  5. Loose roof tiles should be fixed to avoid them falling off or causing leaks
  6. Roof gutters and drains should be clear to avoid any blockages later down the line
  7. Check that fence panels are secure
  8. Park cars away from large trees in case the weather causes any branches to fall
  9. If you’re in a flood risk area, ahead of any floods move your car to higher ground where flooding is less likely and if possible, store any valuables at home upstairs
  10. Keep emergency contact numbers in a safe place i.e. insurance claims number and policy number, local authority and utility company contact details in case they’re needed and have an understanding of where to switch off utilities at the mains – gas, electricity and water
  11. Check what your home insurance covers just in case the worst happens.

If you’re not ready for the winter weather you could always follow the suggestion Steve gave to us on Facebook:

“Lock the door..go to Spain…”

If you think we have missed anything off please let us know on Twitter or Facebook.