The results of our Road Signs on Holiday survey are in, and it’s interesting to see how road sign knowledge differs across the UK regions, age groups and genders. The survey showed each person 10 road signs from one of 11 countries and gave three multiple choice options. Don’t worry if you weren’t one of the 2,500 people who took part first time round, you can still test yourself by heading over to the quiz here.

We’ve now trawled through the full data and here are some of the key takeaways.

  • Older people typically scored better

    • 43% of the 65+ age group scored 8, 9 or 10, compared to just 26% of 18 – 25 year olds
  • Where you live in the UK doesn’t affect your road sign knowledge

    • …unless you live in Eastern England where the scores were 21% above the UK average
  • Certain countries’ road signs are trickier to decipher than others

    • The road signs from Iceland, Finland & Sweden stumped you the most
    • The Italian, French & Austrian signs proved the easiest to get right
  • The gender debate will surely continue…

    • The men scored 11% better than the women
    • Men were 73% more likely to hit a full 10/10 too
  • These are the best and worst performing segments – by age/location/gender

    • Best performing segment: Men aged 65+ in the North West (average score 8.14 out of 10)
    • Worst performing segment: Women aged 26 – 30 in the South West (average score 4.25 out of 10)

So next time you plan on heading out on the road abroad, make sure to take some time to glance over the road signs you’ll encounter so you stay safe and legal. For more in depth road signs data, the full infographic is below:

Road Signs Infographic