7 Ridiculous Reasons to fall out with your Partner

It’s easy to let yourself get het up when you and your partner don’t see eye to eye, but there are some disagreements that are so trivial it hurts. Here are seven of the silliest reasons that we tend to fall out with our partners.

TV traumas

Ah, the remote – a power tool if ever there was one! Fighting over who controls the TV viewing might seem relatively trivial, but there are few things more frustrating than missing one of your favourite shows because your significant other has commandeered the remote for the night. Make sure you make your viewing preferences known from the get-go if you want the upper hand at prime time!

DIY dramas

If you share a living area, then it’s inevitable that you’ll have to make some joint decisions about décor. Unfortunately, this is where many couples will have a difference in opinion. So often, in fact, that two in five of us have argued with a loved one about DIY (42%) – no recipe for a happy home! This is especially stressful if one half of the twosome starts a DIY job and gives up half way through…

Washing-up woes

Should the one that cooks the dinner put their feet up and relax while the other washes the dishes? Or should it be the case that the one making the mess has to clear up after themselves? This is another bonkers reason for a bust up, but a common one nonetheless!

Timing troubles

Most people either moan about how long their partner takes to get ready, or complain about getting rushed out of the house! Put plainly, most people get frustrated about how slowly (or quickly) their partner gets ready. The answer? Planning your time properly – but when was the last time any of us did that?

Facebook feuds

Whether it’s your ex-boyfriend liking your status or a new addition to your friend list that’s caused the trouble, there’s every chance that you and your partner will have had some sort of Facebook-related fall out. The answer is to try not to let your imagination get carried away with you – either that or avoid social media altogether!

Loo roll lawsuits

When you’re sitting on the porcelain throne only to discover that the last user hasn’t replaced the toilet roll, this can spell trouble in more ways than one. If there’s only two of you living in the house, then you most likely know where the blame lies. Toilet roll may seem like a ridiculous reason for an argument, but if you’ve been there, you know the struggle.

Designated driver disputes

Unless you have a hard-and-fast rule in place, deciding who should be designated driver can often cause bad blood between couples. Perhaps one of you has had a hard day, and feels like they deserve a night off, while the other gets irked that they were the ones that had to take the wheel last time. Whatever the reason behind it, sometimes getting a taxi can end up being far less stressful (and worth the cost)!

Do you have a silly story behind an argument with a partner? Perhaps you’re guilty of falling out with them for something even more trivial? Let us know!