The design and layout of a shop can make a huge difference to a company’s sales. By optimising an existing shop’s design and layout, the business could increase their sales potential as well as create a more enjoyable shopping experience for customers.

The extent of a redesign could vary considerably, according to business needs, from simply rearranging the items on sale to attract additional custom, to redesigning the building itself.

Optimising sales through a complete shop overhaul

Businesses with a substantial budget could completely remove current shop fittings and replace them with new, updated designs. Current shop design trends are continually changing, and intermittent revamps could help to keep the shop looking fresh and contemporary. Many high street shops make use of a minimalistic appearance, creating clean and crisp interiors that may help customers to find what they are looking for with ease.

In some cases, a complete shop makeover could also involve updating a premises’ exterior, including updating external branding and touching up paintwork.

Optimising sales through small but effective adjustments

For some shops, setting aside a large budget for a makeover could be unrealistic. However, this doesn’t mean that boosting sales through the layout of a shop is impossible. You could consider your point of sale displays: designed to entice customers to purchase additional products while they are waiting to pay at the till. One option could be to use these displays to promote inexpensive essentials or popular sellers.

In fact, such a technique could be utilised throughout the entire shop, by positioning bestsellers in strategic locations such as sales gondolas, on independent displays or in the shop window.

Choosing an appropriate solution

When all’s said and done, the solution chosen for your shop could, potentially, drastically impact sales. This demonstrates just how important it is to choose a method suited to your individual budget and business requirements.

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