Despite being in the top 20 most popular dog breeds in the UK, Staffordshire Bull Terriers have a bad reputation and the RSPCA have named this breed as the most common in their rescue centres. 

As the Scottish SPCA start their annual #StaffieAwarenessWeek which runs from 13th -19th November. We wanted to get involved and share some photos and stories to show how Staffies can make great pets and shouldn’t be overlooked.

We asked our social community of proud staffie owners to share photos of their pooches.

Jodi on Facebook shared a picture of her lovely staff.

My name is Riley, I am rescue Staffie and I will be 6 years old in 3 weeks. “


Kate and Brenda shared their staff Billy on Facebook

“My staff with his BFF Luna.”

Nicola shared a picture of Buster showing off his Staffie smile.

“Buster is always happy”

Sandra on Facebook shared her rescue Ruby.

“Ruby our rescue staffie a little sweetheart”

Unfortunately not all staffies have lovely owners like the above dogs do. If you think you could open your home to a dog then a Staffordshire Bull Terrier may be for you. Check out these desperate for a home…


Patch is current at the Staffie & Stray rescue centre waiting for someone to adopt him. Find out more about him here


If Tyson looks like he would be the perfect fit in your family he is currently in Freshfields Animal Rescue centre. You can find out more about him here


As well as posing up a storm, he is currently waiting for his forever home at Eden Animal Rescue. Find out more about him here. 


Kyra is the in Glasgow branch of Scottish SPCA. If you think you could give Kyra the home she deserves find out more about her here.