Test Your Pet’s IQ!

Curious to find out just how smart your pet really is?

If you believe you’re the proud owner of an Einstein dachshund or a Maine Coon kitten that’s cleverer than Isaac Newtonchallenge your pet to our quiz so you can prove just how bright (or, not so bright) your four-legged best friend is.   

So, where does your pet fall on the IQ scale? Take our quiz to find out…

Call out your pet’s name. Does it: 

 a. Run up to you 

b. Acknowledge you, but stay where it is 

c. Look around, unsure where the voice came from  

Place a blanket over your pet’s head. How long does it take for hito shrug it off? 

a. Under 15 seconds  

b. 15-30 seconds 

c. More than 30 seconds 

Make a noise your pet makes (such as a meow or a bark). Does it: 

a. Repeat the noise  

b. Stare back at you  

c. Do nothing 

When you come home after being out for the day, does your pet: 

a. Run up to you and shower you with love 

b. Ignore you  

c. Chase flies 

Stroke your pet. Does he: 

a. Respond to your hand, trying to get you to tickle the right place  

b. Allow you to stroke him 

c. Move away from you  

If you put your pet in front of a mirror, does it: 

a. Look, but understand it’s just a reflection    

b. Attempt to interact with the reflection  

c. Go crazy 

How often does your pet persuade you to get out of bed early to fix its breakfast? 

a. All the time  

b. Sometimes 

c. Never 

How many words does your pet know?  

a. Up to 30 

b. No more than 15 

c. A handful  

Does your pet recognise if he’s in trouble?  

a. Yes, and he will work out how to remedy this 

b. Yes, but he’s not sure why 

c. He has no idea 

You’ve taught your pet a trick, will she remember it in a month’s time if you haven’t practised it since?  

a. Definitely  

b. Probably    

c. Not likely 


Mostly A: Top of the class  

Congratulations are in order – your pet is one intelligent creatureNow put that brain power to good use with a fun toy or by teaching him a new trick 

Mostly B: Good grades   

Not exactly a genius, but your dog or cat is certainly a smart cookie. Most pets fall into this category, so there’s no need to fret!  

Mostly C: Back to school 

Oh dear, your pet is certainly not the brightest star in the sky, but he’s still adorable and, of course, you love hijust the way he is 

Proud of your furry friend’s results? Share the score on social media and challenge your friends and family to test their pet’s IQ today.