The Moving Home Guide

Pick the right removal firm 

Depending on when you’re planning to move, you may struggle to book in a date. Most people aim to move at the weekends or over the holidays to give themselves extra time. Picking a removals team might seem simple compared to all the other choices you’ve had to make, but it’s important to pick professionals. To avoid damage to items or the property, or paying more than you expected, it’s important to do some research.  

Become a list lover 

There can be a lot to remember on the run up to your move To avoid stress, make a list of everything you have to do, and consider your timelines. You may have only just had your offer accepted and be months away from completion but that doesn’t mean you should wait until the week before your move to start the preparation 


Clear your home of any old, unwanted or unnecessary items before the big move can save you time and stress. It could also save you money! By donating or throwing away things you don’t need, you’re cutting down on the amount of stuff you actually need to move. The less stuff you have, the smaller the van and the fewer hours your removals team is needed for.  

Get ahead of the packing 

Packing may take longer than you think so it’s best to get ahead of the game on this. When you’ve cleared away everything you no longer need, the best place to start is in the rooms you use the least. A top tip is to label each box with the room you intend it to go in and bullet point a few of the items in there so you know what it includesDon’t forget to put the kettle, biscuits and tea stuff somewhere easily accessible so you (and the movers) can have a brew on arrival.  

Things to consider 

There are plenty of things to consider when you get a mortgage. One thing to consider is life insurance. Although not compulsory when taking out a mortgage, it is highly recommended for most people as can offer peace of mind should the worse happen. With Co-op Life Insurance, the monthly payments can be from as little as £7. There’s also the option of taking a payment holiday* should things get tough. 

*A payment holiday can be taken any time after the 1st year. You can take a break of up to 6 months from making monthly payments and the policy will continue. You can take up to 2 payment holidays over the term of the policy, but only 1 can be taken in a 12 month period. You have to make up all of the missed payments at the end of the holiday or reduce their payment amount. If a claim is made during the payment holiday, the payout amount will be reduced by the unpaid monthly premiums. 

Co-op Life Cover is provided, underwritten and administered by The Royal London Group. Co-op Insurance Services is a trading name of Co-op Insurance Services Limited; registered in England and Wales with registration number 4390. Registered office: 1 Angel Square, Manchester M60 0AG.