Times when your region came out on top

London might be the UK region most likely to receive a name-check from the press, but it isn’t the only place worthy of recognition. Every region in our green and pleasant land has come out on top in one way or another…

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is unbeatable when it comes to stunning stretches of coastline. Cliffs, forests and crashing waves see tourists making a pilgrimage to the Northern Irish coast year after year, with the Giant’s Causeway being a particular highlight. A designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is a beautiful sight steeped in legend!


You can forget haggis, and you can even forget Robert Burns: Scotland really excels when it comes to whisky. There are areas of the country, tours and even festivals dedicated to this lovingly matured tipple, whether you prefer malt, grain or blended whisky. Talk about a national drink!


Sheep? No – Wales really comes out on top when it comes to literary festivals.

We are, of course, talking about Hay. Taking place in the world’s first ‘Book Town’ itself, Hay-on-Wye, Hay Festival is a 27 year old celebration of everything bookish. Thousands of visitors descend on the festival each year to catch a glimpse of their favourite writers, scientists and comedians… and to stock up on new reading material, of course!

North East

North Easters, be proud: when it comes to knowing the speed limit, you leave the rest of the UK in the dust. In fact, 82.8 per cent of drivers were aware of national speed limits, compared to just 59.5 per cent in London!

A recent survey discovered that 25 per cent of drivers thought that the national speed limit on a single carriageway was 50mph, while one in 10 motorists didn’t realise that the speed limit on motorways is 70mph!

North West

When it comes to speed limit knowledge, the North West might need a little education (just 64.9 per cent of survey respondents were aware of national speed limits), but when it comes to pies, nowhere else compares. The hallowed produce of Hollands Pies is legendary, while Oddies Bakery remains a hidden Lancashire gem producing some of the most mouth-watering meat and potato pies in existence! And don’t even get us started on butter pies…


Sean Bean, David Hockney, the Bronte sisters: Yorkshire comes out on top when it comes to artistes. Haworth and the surrounding Yorkshire moors are a particular highlight, their vast, bleak beauty inspiring the landscape in Charlotte Bronte’s masterpiece, Jane Eyre.

East Midlands

With a sartorial export like Sir Paul Smith, it’s little surprise that the East Midlands comes on top when it comes to dapper gents and serious style. Originally aspiring to become a professional cyclist, Paul Smith turned his talents to fashion after a serious accident put an end to his dream. His flagship store in Nottingham sees both the designer’s clothes and the building itself act as a feast for the eyes.

West Midlands

The West Midlands pips the rest of the UK to the post when it comes to classic cars. Favourite motors like the Morgan, MG and Aston Martin are all manufactured in this region, along with black cabs, fans of which include none other than Stephen Fry.

East Anglia

You can’t say the words ‘East’ and ‘Anglia’ without thinking of wildlife. Home to the beautiful Norfolk Broads, the region is brimming with must-see animals and plenty of rare species. In fact, it’s a particular stronghold for the scarce swallowtail butterfly.

South East

South East England is castle country, home to some of the oldest and most impressive historic buildings in all of the United Kingdom. From Hastings castle and Arundel castle to Windsor castle, there is a reason the South East was once known as ‘the fortress of Britain’.

South West

The South West of England means Cornwall, and that means pasties. Nowhere else in the country can you find as flavoursome, well-filled and downright huge a Cornish pasty. Next time you’re there, eat one on a cliff overlooking the ocean for a truly authentic experience.


Nowhere rivals London when it comes to the hipster scene. Beards and thick-rimmed glasses fill burger joints, speak-easy bars and vintage shops across our nation’s capital. You can even find restaurants in London where you can dine in complete darkness, and order breakfast from a menu comprised completely of cereal…

Do you think your region comes out on top for something else? Let us know!