Top Tips for Selling Your Home

After much deliberation and months of planning, the time has finally come: you are ready to put your property on the market. However, as anybody who has sold a home before knows, this is no mean feat.

There is plenty to think about when presenting your home to prospective buyers. From creaky floorboards to discoloured carpets, there could be a whole host of factors affecting how people view your home.

To help you better understand how you could maximise your home’s selling potential, we sought the advice of our lovely social community. See our list of top tips for selling your home, below!

Increase your home’s ‘kerb appeal’

Your home’s exterior will give prospective buyers several hints as to how well the property is cared for, and what they should expect inside. Just these two factors alone could be what makes a viewer pursue your property, so it pays to make a great first impression!

Before putting your home on the market, spruce up your home’s exterior. For instance, could your front garden do with a tidy? Is your roof moss-free? Would your front door benefit from a lick of paint? Ensuring your home looks great from the outside is a simple, yet effective, way to get prospective buyers to your door.

Now you’ve made your house picture-perfect, it’s time to hand over to your estate agents who will come over to take some photographs. They will also erect the For Sale sign out front, which will attract any prospective buyers who happen to pass by your property. The Money Advice Service also recommends that you ask how the agents intend to market your property online, as this will be the primary way viewers spot your home.

Can’t decide where to start? Our Facebook followers told us how they have increased their home’s ‘kerb appeal’ in the past:

“Concentrate on kerb appeal as buyers make up their mind in the first few seconds. Overall cleanliness of the inside and back garden is also essential”, Muguette Bridgeman on Facebook.


Potential buyers are interested in more than just the bricks and mortar of your home; they’re looking at how they will make it their own. Your job, in this case, is to make your home as presentable as possible, and this means getting rid of needless clutter.

While it’s still important to infuse your home with character, too much clutter could make it difficult for the viewer to envision themselves living in your space, and thus could deter them from making an offer.

Our Facebook community told us why they clear clutter away for prospective buyers:

 “Always clear clutter away people like to see space and room”, Jacqui Spencer on Facebook.
“Get rid of your clutter, some people just struggle to see past your stuff!” Julie Wilson on Facebook.

Create ambience

If you have ever viewed a property before, you will probably remember certain aspects which drew you in. Perhaps it was the pleasant aroma which welcomed you as you entered? Maybe it was the gorgeous natural lighting which poured into each room? Whatever it was, you remember the home not simply for what was inside, but also how it made you feel.

Draw comparisons between buying a home and visiting a restaurant: it’s not solely about the salient elements, such as food (in a restaurant) or square footage (in a home). No, it’s much more than that; prospective buyers want the full experience. Sensory aspects, such as mood lighting, light music, warm temperatures and inviting smells, such as brewing coffee and floral aromas, effortlessly invite viewers into your space.

How do our social community create ambience in their homes? Take a look at what they told us…

“Lavender oil; add a splash on your door mat, curtain hems, etc. It creates an uplifting aroma and is calming”, Jo Farrell on Facebook.
“If it’s cold outside, turn the heating on just for about half an hour before they call to look around – it makes your home even more welcoming”, Jacqui Spencer on Facebook.
“Fresh flowers in the hall. Peaceful music quietly playing. Make sure everywhere is tidy”, Ruth Jones on Facebook.

Try to target the source of any bad smells: clear drains, wash bins and open windows. Take a look at what else deters viewers when visiting a property:

“Pet smells … I recently viewed a place that was so smelly. And cigarette smells!” Soozie Steele on Facebook.
“Owners get used to pet smells which can truly be horrid and a real put off. Nice flower arrangements are always a bonus, too”. Colin Andrew on Facebook.

Some more top tips for selling your home:

  • Even if you are a pet-friendly household, there is a chance that your buyer won’t be. When viewings are taking place, politely ask a relative, friend or neighbour to take care of your pet so prospective buyers can roam freely.
  • If you’re struggling to clean every room of your home, a good starting point is the kitchen; this is the room which is worth the most per square foot. To create a good impression, make sure all countertops are cleaned, cabinets look cared for and pots and pans are tucked out of sight.
  • While you are de-cluttering, try not to depersonalise your space. Seek inspiration from Pinterest boards and interiors magazines to add your own personal flair. Unimaginative buyers might find inspiration from your décor, which could be a major selling point.
  • Most importantly, try not to get too stressed. Once you’ve successfully sold your home, the next step is the most exciting – moving into your new abode!

Have you sold a property in the past? How did you make it stand out from the competition? We would love to hear from you – let us know on Facebook or Twitter! For more guidance on buying and selling a property through an estate agent, visit the Money Advice Service.