Are these the UK’s greatest Cat and Dog names? We think so…

Whether you’re a fan of felines or a dog devotee, choosing the perfect pet name is paramount when there’s a new addition to the family. But how do you choose

Well, if Max, Molly and Oscar just don’t cut it, there are some other names that are just as unique as your pet’s personality. Dipping into our database of cat and dog names, we’ve compiled some of the best.

Delilah Marshmallow (cat)

Haughty and spoilt rotten, we can imagine this regal cat turning its nose up at even the most expensive cat food.

Lady Syble (dog)

Lady Syble has blueblood running through her veins. As with Miss Marshmallow, dinner should be served in a gold-plated bowl, while the real master has her belly scratched.

Angel Dust (dog)

Cute, cuddly and crafty, we imagine Angel Dust’s magical power is her puppy dog eyes. One quick flutter and she receives the royal treatment…

Sir Isaac Mewton (cat)

Elusive and highly intelligent, Sir Isaac Mewton should go down in feline folklore. Some say he discovered gravity when a soft mouse dropped from the sky…

Mrs. Bojangles (dog)

A homage to the famous American country song, we think this title should go to a dog that has rhythm, style, and whole lot of swagger.

Galaxy Defender (cat)

Fearless Galaxy Defender must be an action-hero-come-cat-heart-throb. Trained in combat, he has just one aim: to save the world!

Miss Piggy (dog)

When it comes to dishing out food, Miss Piggy is first in line. Whether it’s doggy snacks or dinner time, as soon as the cupboard door opens, this hungry pup comes running.

Jingle Bells Abracadabra (cat)

With a classic Christmas carol in its name, this title has to belong to a magical cat that likes nothing more than to clamber up festive decorations.

Sir Dave Sleep Alot (dog)

Nothing beats stretching out your paws and heading off to the land of gigantic squeaky toys and mouth-watering mounds of bones. Sir Dave, we salute you.

Mr. Herby Whiskers (dog)

Flat caps and tweed doggy jackets, we bet Mr. Whiskers takes only the most contemplative walks, pondering nature and life’s biggest questions.


Want more? Here’s another 20 cat and dog names that are truly original:

• Jumble Marseillaise (Dog)
• Jazmine Shortcake Balthazard (Cat)
• Talent-Tally (Dog)
• Mr Rochester (Cat)
• Mia Of Essex (Dog)
• Halloumi (Cat)
• Bramble Sweetie Pie (Dog)
• Captain Woof (Cat)
• Curly Wurly (Dog)
• Coco-Pansy (Cat)
• Paddington Puppy Cups (Dog)
• Ebony Sweetest Beauty (Dog)
• Dinky Bluebell (Cat)
• Elza Saffron Torr (Dog)
• Jet Velvet of Bloxwich (Dog)
• Honey (Ply Mist Honeysuckle) (Cat)
• Chino Ice Prince (Dog)
• Kitty Soft Paws (Cat)
• Mellowdee Man in the Mirror (Dog)
• Mango Chutney (Cat)

Does your pet have an unconventional name? Is there an unusual name you would give to a pet? We’d love to hear your stories!