What happens when the clocks go back?

Sunday 29th October officially marks the end of summer: the day when clocks go back and the dark, wintery nights close in. But a change in daylight hours isn’t the only result of this yearly event. It also marks a period where we see a spike in criminal activity.

Our claims data shows that in the five months after the clocks go back, home thefts increase by 36%. If you head out on a Friday be aware that it’s the most common day for break-ins, where as Sunday has the least amount.

We surveyed a panel of ex-convicts to understand what would have put them off breaking into certain homes. CCTV, the sound of a barking dog and strong heavy doors were the top three deterrents.

As well as keeping your home safe, also remember to take care when walking your dog in the dark.

We know that as the sun sets earlier that walking your pet in the dark is sometimes unavoidable so we asked our social communities what they do to make sure they stay safe.

Here are their tops tips…

“Colours that show up in the dark should be worn by both.” Rosemary on Facebook
“Have your dog understand and do stop and stay at distance every time. Have perfect and immediate recall, and dog to be able to walk on your left or right side side, in front or just behind.” Seiben on Facebook
“I stick to lit areas tbh and pavement walking by grass at night.” Sue on Facebook