Choose the product that's right for you

Co-op offer three products that can help lift the potential financial burden left to others when you pass away.

They each provide cover for different purposes and situations, so it is worth considering which is best for you.

Life insurance

Our life insurance product offers three different types of cover: 

  • Level Cover. We'll pay out a fixed lump sum amount to your dependants, your pay-out stays the same throughout the policy
  • Decreasing Cover. Helps to cover any debts that will decrease over time, such as a repayment mortgage

You can apply for Co-op Life Insurance if you are aged between 18 and 70. 

Over 50 life insurance

Co-op Over 50 Life Insurance is available to any UK resident aged between 50 and 80, and there are no medical questions. 

Our over 50 life insurance pays out a lump sum of money when you die to a person of your choice.

Funeral plans

A Co-op funeral plan can protect your loved ones against unexpected costs and uncertainty when you pass away. 

We offer different levels of plan for both burial and cremation and you can choose to pay up front or in instalments.