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Keep your distance this
Bank Holiday weekend

27th August 2015

bank-holiday-weekend With the Bank holiday exodus upon us, new research by The Co-operative Insurance reveals that tailgating tops the list of motoring annoyances in the UK.

With many people taking to the roads to make the most of the last Summer Bank Holiday of the year, the research has shown that tailgating comes in pole position, annoying two thirds (66%) of motorists, with failing to indicate coming runner up, irritating 61% of drivers. Being cut up by another motorist (59%) comes in third position with drivers using mobile phones (55%) and motorists pulling out into traffic too late (50%) also rank highly.

Top 10 motoring annoyances 2015

Rank Annoyance % of drivers affected
1 Tailgating 66%
2 Not indicating 61%
3 Cutting up other drivers 59%
4 Using mobile phones 55%
5 Pulling out into traffic and making others brake as a result 50%
6 Driving too slowly 45%
7 Using roundabout incorrectly 45%
8 Not giving way 44%
9 Late braking 43%
10 Running red lights 40%


In addition, a third (33%) of drivers are annoyed by motorists speeding near schools, hospitals and nurseries, 32% say speed in general is annoying, with just under a fifth (19%) driven to distraction by music being played at excessive noise levels.

Findings show that 95%* of road users are driven to distraction by other motorists. Drivers in the West Midlands, where the infamous M6 ‘Spaghetti Junction’ is situated, are less tolerant of other road users than any other whilst drivers in the South West are the calmest in the UK.

Men are less likely to be negatively affected by other road users with one in twenty (6%) saying that other drivers don’t annoy them, in comparison to women where only four per cent feel the same.

Unlike the other age groups where tailgating is the main reason for annoyance, 18-24 year old drivers are more likely to be irked by drivers failing to indicate (54%) and cutting them up (54%).

Nick Ansley, Head of Motor Insurance at The Co-operative Insurance, said: "With busy roads expected this Bank Holiday weekend, we would urge drivers to keep calm behind the wheel. The research clearly shows that other drivers can cause motorists’ irritation, and tailgating is clearly the main cause of driver annoyance in the UK.

A very high proportion of motorists are admitting to being annoyed by other drivers. Whilst this is human nature, it is important for people to try to not let things get to them whilst driving and remain focused on reaching their destination safely and being courteous to other road users."


Note to editors

*95% of drivers are annoyed by other motorists

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