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Avoid problems with neighbours this Christmas

21 December 2016

It’s the season of festivity and goodwill, and while it’s fun to get in the Christmas spirit and throw a party, be sure to spare a thought for your neighbours, as new research from Co-op Insurance reveals over two-thirds of the UK population (68%) would hate to have neighbours who play loud music.

Inconsiderate parking, such as blocking access to a property or driveway also ranks highly for seven in ten Brits (65%), so if you’re planning on having guests over for Christmas dinner or throughout the festive period, be sure to provide instructions where they can park, to reduce the risk of arguments or friction with next door.

Other nightmare neighbour traits include barking dogs, left alone to bark all day (62%). Other bad traits include swearing and shouting outside the house (55%), slamming doors (33%) and for over a quarter (28%) of those questioned*, smoke from neighbouring BBQ’s, bonfires or chimeneas was an issue, especially when the washing is out.

  Top 10 traits of a bad neighbour  
1 Loud music or television 68%
2 Inconsiderate parking 65%
3 Barking dogs 62%
4 Outdoor loud parties 57%
5 Bad language in or outside of the house 55%
6 Unsupervised children 53%
7 Slamming doors 33%
8 Neighbours pets roaming about your garden 31%
9 Bonfire, BBQ, chimnea smoke 28%
10 Ignoring your neighbours 27%

Co-op Insurance offers the following tips to throwing a festive and fun Christmas party without disturbing the peace:

  • Everyone knows that ‘Santa Claus is comin’ to town’ but be sure to give your neighbours advance notice of the party, letting them know the date and time you will be having the party, you might even want to consider inviting them round to be part of the festivities.
  • ‘Tis the season of goodwill’ so avoid stirring up any tensions by holding the event at a time and place that’s not likely to cause too much of a disturbance, such as late as night. If you are planning on holding a party that might continue into the night, try to contain the party to inside the house, ensuring guests don’t spill outdoors.
  • You’ll be ‘Rockin’ around the Christmas tree’ however try to keep the number of guests to a small number, this helps to minimise any parking wars whilst helping to also keep the noise down.
  • ‘Silent night’ Co-op insurance research shows that excessive music and loud noises is a top bad neighbour trait, so ensure you are considerate by keeping the volume down, especially as the night progresses.
  • Make sure your guests ‘Step into Christmas’ however ensure that all the windows and doors in the house are kept closed to minimise noise whilst also keeping it contained. Try to encourage guests to stay indoors to eradicate any noises outside, which may disturb the neighbours.
  • It may be Christmas time with mistletoe and wine but check to see your insurance policy covers accidental damage cover, for any breakages or wine spillages over the Christmas period.

Caroline Hunter, Head of Home Insurance at Co-op Insurance, said:“The research shows that playing loud music and making a lot of noise is a top bad neighbour trait, therefore it’s important to spare a thought for your neighbours this Christmas when hosting friends and family.

“This is the season for goodwill after all and by showing a little courtesy it can ensure that you and your neighbours leave 2016 harmoniously and as friends rather than enemies.

“Whilst Christmas is a great time to really come together with friends, family and neighbours, sadly many people find themselves alone on Christmas Day, why not pop round for a cuppa, rather than simply sending a Christmas card, forging those all-important links in the community for years to come.”


Notes to editors

*Research conducted by ICM Unlimited questioning 2,000 people in July 2016.

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