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Dash cam evidence for insurance claims doubles

30 August 2017

  • The incidents of dash cam footage being provided as evidence by policyholders in insurance claims is growing in popularity.

New figures from Co-op Insurance, show the actual number of people now supplying dash cam footage in motor insurance claims has doubled over the last year.

These small, on-board video cameras, often clipped onto a driver’s front windscreen, record the road ahead, and provide a visual record of events.

Jonathan Guy, Head of Claims at Co-op Insurance, commented: "For an insurance company, dash cams are like an extra pair of eyes. Newer dash cams include GPS tracking and can record speed. As an independent recording of events, this type of footage can really help in the event of a road accident or case of vandalism to understand exactly what happened. It also often helps us shorten the time taken dealing with the claim, in turn improving the experience for customers.”

Mike Bristow, spokesperson for Brake, the road safety charity, said: “Footage from dash cams is giving us a clear picture of the extent of the issues drivers face every day on our roads. It reinforces the fact that more needs to be done to educate drivers who choose to flaunt the law that their actions have consequences.

“We would hope that this increase makes drivers think twice about their behaviour, knowing full well that that they could be caught out on camera.”

In order to help to keep communities safe, Co-op Insurance is currently offering a free dash cam or indoor security camera to new motor and home combined insurance customers until 20/09/2017.


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