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Update on your Financial Advice service

We have now closed our home based Financial Adviser service. But that doesn't mean you're on your own…

February 2012

If you have recently received a copy of our "Update on your Financial Advice service leaflet" you can find out more about this change by taking a look at the common enquires below.

This won't affect any of the policies or investments you already hold, and you can service them in exactly the same way as you did before.

And you can talk to our friendly Customer Services if you have any questions.

Important documentation

Please make sure you read this important information before you purchase this product to ensure that it meets your needs. The useful documents below will provide you with all the details you need to make your decision.

Common enquiries about my policy

Does this affect my Co-operative Home or Motor Insurance policy?

Should I cancel my policy because of this change?

Who should I contact if I need to make a change to my policy, or I want to make a withdrawal or claim?

Common enquiries about financial advice

Why have you closed your home-based Financial Adviser service?

Who is affected by the withdrawal of the Co-operative Financial Adviser Service?

Have some customers already been informed about this change?

I've heard my Co-operative Insurance business will be transferred to Royal London. Is this true?