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By George!

As the Prince celebrates his 1st birthday today our Pet Insurance team reveals an increase in pets named George

The Co-operative Pet Insurance has revealed the most popular pet names of 2014, showing that Brits are opting for more regal titles for our furry friends than before.
Animal owners enthralled by the arrival of Prince George have found a novel way of adding a majestic touch to their households. George leaped five places up the top cat names 2014 list debuting in the top 20 at number 15, and 14 places up the top dog names’ list to number 33.
Another Royal name that has seen surge in popularity, no doubt due to the popular Prince, is Harry. The fourth in line to the throne sees his name enter the top 10 on the most popular cat names list, 16 places higher than in 2013. It has also jumped 18 places up the top dog names list to number 26.
Further regal pet names include:
The youngest addition to the Royal Family, Mia Tindall, has also shot up the name table. Mia is up 87 places from last year making it the 69th most popular dog name in the country.
Her mother’s namesake, Zara, has leaped 1,261 places from last year to sit at 374 on the top cat names list
Despite being heir to the throne, the name Charlie has fallen slightly in popularity coming in as the 3rd most popular pet name in 2014 for both dogs and cats, compared to last year’s runner up slot
The reigning monarch, The Queen, is a new entry to the most popular dog names list and Queenie a new entry on the top cat names list
The results echo the trend that has been set by the top baby names, as parents and pet owners alike are opting for old-fashioned more traditional names. Britain’s most popular dogs names in 2014, so far, are Alfie, Bella and Charlie with Poppy and Max following, whilst the most popular cat names are Oscar, Alfie and Charlie closely followed by Poppy and Max.

Top 20 Dog Names 2014

1) Alfie 11) Bailey
2) Bella 12) Rosie
3) Charlie 13) Lola
4) Poppy 14) Buddy
5) Max 15) Millie
6) Ruby 16) Daisy
7) Molly 17) Monty
8) Oscar 18) Jack
9) Archie 19) Barney
10) Toby 20) Buster


Top 20 Cat Names 2014

1) Oscar
11) Milo
2)  Alfie
12) Monty
3) Charlie 13) Lily
4) Poppy 14) Felix
5) Max 15) George
6) Bella 16) Rosie
7) Leo 17) Lola
8) Coco 18) Smudge
9) Daisy 19) Sooty
10) Harry 20) Molly

Andrew Nevitt, Head of Pet Insurance at The Co-operative Insurance, said: “Pets are very important members of the family so it’s not surprising to see them being treated like royalty through their names.  We know from experience how passionate our customers can be about their pets and this doesn’t stop once they have been given a name. Preparing financially by insuring your four-legged friend provides peace of mind that they’ll remain well cared for should the unexpected happen.”
Along with the more traditional names featured in this year’s top pet names list, some animal lovers have made sure that their pets stand out in the neighboruhood with more unusual names. The more uncommon names from the list include; Sir Dave Sleep A lot, Truly Scrumptious and The Milky Bar Kid.
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