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Response from The Co-operative Insurance

to the Transport Committee’s fourth report on the cost of motor insurance

04 July 2014

In response to the Parliamentary Transport Select Committee report “Driving Premiums Down,” Jonathan Guy, Head of Claims for The Co-operative Insurance said:

“We welcome today’s report from The Transport Committee as a further step in the right direction towards combating fraudulent whiplash claims.   It’s truly shocking that the number of dishonest insurance claims in 2013 topped 59,000*. Whilst motor insurance premiums have begun to fall overall, fraudulent claims continue to have a direct impact on the pockets of all motorists.   We’re committed to doing the right thing by motorists and continue to invest heavily in measures to combat fraud, as evidenced by recent industry benchmarking reports. We’re making good progress but we still need to see further action to ensure that:

  • Insurance fraud is properly enforced and punished by law – we support both the ABI and Committee’s calls for Government to look at funding arrangements to ensure the long-term future for the police Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department. The industry has made good progress here but the clampdown on insurance fraud needs to be sustained with proper investment from Government or this work will be in vain
  • A balance is struck between the prompt settlement of claims and the use of robust medical evidence to combat fraud – we agree that medical evidence is key in combating fraudulent claims, but more work is needed to ensure that this system operates efficiently so that insurers can continue to act quickly and fairly to settle claims for the majority of honest motorists.”

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