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Department for Transport to urgently address young driver safety reforms

The Co-operative Insurance calls for new team at the Department for Transport to urgently address young driver safety reforms

Responding to this week’sre-shuffle at the Department for Transport and delays to the introduction of young driver reforms, James Hillon, Director of Insurance at The Co-operative Insurance said:

“It is six months since insurers met with Government to discuss young driver safety and with an eighth of all road casualties still involving drivers aged 17-19*, we would be disappointed to see this issue fall off the immediate Government agenda. With a new team at the Department for Transport just announced, we would urge them to consider this again as a priority.”  

“We have always had concerns about taking a draconian approach to young driver safety and believe that restricting the activity of young drivers by imposing measures such as night time curfews was never the right approach. But with as many as one in seven new drivers not feeling ready to drive when they pass their test, we believe that continued focus on proposals that support the development of younger drivers is required.”  

“We would still hope to see further consideration of the introduction of a Graduated Driver Licensing system as a minimum learning period is something that 62% of the young drivers we surveyed said they would also support. Rather than restricting the activities of new drivers, this would expose them to a greater number of driving experiences helping to ensure that they are better prepared for life on the roads.”  

“As one of the earliest insurers to introduce young driver telematics insurance in 2011, we know that educating young drivers works. Our own data highlights that the use of technology to educate and encourage safe driving amongst young drivers continues to deliver positive results, leading to a clear reduction in accident rates. We're ready to work together with the Department to deliver reform.”

*RAC data


About The Co-operative Insurance Young Driver Insurance
Launched in 2011, The Co-operative Insurance Young Driver scheme uses a Smart Box installed in a car and takes the average of 4 factors: speed, acceleration/braking, cornering and time of day, from which young drivers achieve a score that will get them a discount providing they drive safely.

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16 July 2014