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Over 5,000 young drivers disqualified in last five years due to points rule

29 December 2016

  • 152 young drivers had their licences revoked aged just 17
  • Young drivers in Greater London make up a fifth of all revoked cases
  • Co-op urging young drivers not to put themselves at unnecessary risk this festive period
  • Provisional and new drivers urged not to act as a ‘designated driver’ whilst others indulge as this could result in licence loss

A Freedom of Information* request by Co-op Insurance has revealed that 5,853 drivers aged 17-25 have had their licences revoked by the DVLA in the last five years.

Provisional and new licence holders can only receive 6 penalty points in a two year period. Should they receive any more than this for driving offences then they will automatically have their licenses revoked. If this happens then according to the Government’s website drivers: “… have to apply and pay for a new provisional licence and pass both theory and practical parts of the driving or riding test again to get a full licence.”**

Young drivers in Greater London make up more than a fifth (21%) of young drivers who have lost their licenses due to the rule, followed by those in the West Midlands (6%) and West Yorkshire (4%).

Where have 17-25 year old driving licence holders had their licences revoked in the UK due to 6 point rule?
  Area % of all revoked drivers
1 Greater London
2 West Midlands
3 West Yorkshire
4 Greater Manchester
5 Hampshire 2.9%
6 Lancashire 2.5%
7 Essex 2%
8 Nottinghamshire 1.9%
9 South Yorkshire
10 Kent 1.6%

Whilst 19 year old drivers are the most at risk of losing their licenses, with 19% of all revoked drivers being of this age when they gained their sixth point. Over three fifths (63%) of all young drivers who have had their licenses revoked in the past five years were aged between 17 and 21 when their licenses were taken away.

Age of young drivers when they had their licence revoked in last 5 years
  Age Number of drivers
1 17
2 18
3 19
4 20
5 21 763
6 22 643
7 23 525
8 24 474
9 25

It isn’t simply a case of provisional and new drivers thinking about their driving though. Co-op Insurance is urging these drivers, regardless of age, to think about who they have to supervise them in the car due to a law that states learner drivers should be ‘supervised’ when they are driving with family or friends***. People supervising learner drivers have to adhere to road laws as if they were driving so, for example, you cannot exceed legal drink drive limits.

The Government’s website warns learner drivers ‘You can be fined up to £1,000 and get up to 6 penalty points on your provisional licence if you drive without the right supervision.’

Last year, research carried out by the Co-op found that 17% of learner drivers acted as ‘designated drivers’ over the festive period and had been relied upon to drive people home after a Christmas night out. However, nearly half of the drivers questioned who have been festive learner ‘designated drivers’ didn’t believe that their passengers would have been in any fit state to help them out, if they would have become confused or needed to ask a question about their driving. This led to these inexperienced drivers feeling anxious (28%) and worried (21%).

Steve Kerrigan, Head of Telematics at the Co-op Insurance, said: "Young drivers really need to think about their driving behaviours when they sit behind the wheel, and make both theirs and other road users safety a priority. Whilst the majority of young drivers are safe on the roads, 6,000 young people have lost their licenses due to the points rule since 2011 and this number needs to reduce.

"We can all make mistakes, especially in the earlier stages of our driving journey, however the sooner drivers make steps to drive as safely as they can, the less chance they will have of ever being in trouble with the law when it comes to their road use.

"We urge young drivers to think about who they have sitting next to them as their supervisors, and especially at this time of year, what state they are in. According to the law, ultimately a provisional driver with good driving habits could lose their licence because of their supervisor with bad habits, which clearly would be a real shame.

"Telematics based insurance products which price on how people drive, whilst offering discounts to safe drivers, can also help instil the importance of safe driving in young people, which we hope would lead to the number of drivers having their licenses revoked greatly reduced.


Notes to editors

*Request made to DVLA and responded to in November 2016.

How many drivers aged 17-25 who have provisional driving licenses have had their licenses revoked due to receiving 6 penalty points or more in their first two years of driving, in the last five years?

The information provides the number of current provisional driving licence holders who were revoked under the NDA in the last five years. That is, those revoked drivers who have since reapplied and been granted a provisional driving licence.



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