If your dog needs to visit the vet for treatment, dental care or an operation, you don't want to be worrying about how you’ll cover the cost. Our dog insurance takes away this worry – so you can concentrate on your dog's recovery.

Choose from our two types of dog insurance; Classic and Select Plus. To help decide which cover is best for you, have a look at our comparison table.

If you’re a new customer, you get 20% off our dog insurance for the first year when you buy online.*

We also offer a multi-pet discount for each pet you insure on the same policy. Tell us a little bit about your pets on our online form and we’ll give you a quote today.

Key features

We’ve got two dog insurance plans to choose from: Select Plus and Classic. To see what we can offer your pet, have a look at the key features of the two plans below. Or visit our compare pet insurance section.

Select Plus: lifetime cover

This covers the cost of vet fees for treating non pre-existing injuries or illnesses up to £5,000 per year. There’s up to £750 of complementary treatment cover. It also covers treatments for on-going conditions like arthritis or eczema – for however long your dog needs them for, even if it’s for life – as long as you renew your policy every year without taking a break in cover.


Protects you against the cost of vet fees for non pre-existing injuries or illnesses up to £2,000. Any claims you make are limited to the 12 months from when you first notice the injury or illness, as long as you insure your dog with us.

You get all of these benefits on both Select Plus and Classic covers:

  • comprehensive dental cover, as long as your dog has a check-up every year
  • a multi-pet discount for every pet that you add to your policy
  • a legal helpline in case you need advice on any legal issues– 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You also get the option to:

  • tailor your cover to suit your dog’s needs with our optional extras
  • pay monthly by direct debit at no extra cost.

Our policy cover is subject to limitations and / or exclusions. If you want more information, phone our call centre or have a look at our policy documents online.

If we’ve applied extra exclusions on your dog’s policy, you’ll be able to see them on your dog’s insurance certificate.


Your dog has to be under eight years old (five years for dogs we class as select breeds) and over six weeks old (eight weeks if you bought it from a licensed breeder).


We class the following dogs as select breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog, Bulldog, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Deerhound, Estrela Mountain Dog, Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Leonberger, all Mastiff breeds, Newfoundland, Old English Sheep Dog, Dogue de Bordeaux, Rottweiler, St Bernard, Beauceron, Shar Pei.


You must live in the UK (which includes the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).


We don’t insure any dogs that are registered on the dangerous dog list or any dog that’s crossed with a: Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Perro de Presa Canario, Dogo Canario, Japanese Tosa, Fila Brasileiro, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Saarloos Wolfhound/Wolfdog or any wolf cross-breed.


We don’t insure dogs that are used for security, guarding, track racing or coursing.


We don’t insure dogs you use in connection with a trade or profession.

Optional extras

We offer a range of optional extras that boost the level of cover for your dog