Why choose us?

Courtesy car

when one of our approved repairers fixes your car after an insured event

No night-time curfew

but driving between 11 pm and 5 am may affect your safe driving score

Go box-free

we may offer you car insurance with no black box when you get your second renewal offer, subject to status

Safe driving discount

earn discounts off your premium by keeping a high safe driving score

What journeys you can do

Everyday driving (social, domestic and pleasure)  
Driving practice on a provisional licence  
Going to work (commuting) Optional
Using your car at work (business use). Some restrictions apply Optional

Add optional extras to your young driver policy

You can buy extra cover when you buy your policy.

  • UK breakdown cover
  • motor legal expenses insurance

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Get a discount

We have some discounts that can help reduce the cost of your young driver policy:

  • no claim discount
  • named driver discount.

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How to pay

You can pay by direct debit over 12 months, or in 1 upfront annual payment with a credit or debit card.

If you pay by direct debit:

  • there’s a charge for credit of 20.9% APR (typical)
  • you need to pay a deposit of 20% of the annual premium
  • you must be 18 years old or older

Get driving

You can drive your car straight away once your policy starts. You need to make sure you book your black box fitting within 14 days.

You do not need to wait for the black box to be fitted to your car.

We recommend that you visit your driving dashboard as soon as you can.

We may ask you to upload a copy of proof of any no claim discount you’re claiming. If we do, you need to do this within 14 days of your policy start date.

Black box fitting

When you buy your policy, you choose the time and place for an engineer to fit your black box.

Need to change the date or time?

Just let us know at least 24 hours before the engineer is due to visit. To do this, get in touch on 0333 009 6702^.

Useful things to know…

  • the black box can track your car if it’s stolen
  • there’s no fee for the black box fitting
  • there’s a £45 fee if you miss the appointment

Find out how the black box works

Introducing the T-plate

To help educate and encourage all motorists to drive safely and considerately, Co-op is introducing the T‑plate.

The T‑plate is a plate that drivers can place on the back of their car to indicate to other drivers they have a black box.

A red Ford fiesta indicating left out of a junction

Check your driving score

You can keep track of your driving score on your driving dashboard.

It will help you to know which parts of your driving need to improve.

You'll find help about how to improve your score there too.

We calculate your score using data from the black box.

Go box-free

If you renew with us at the end of your second young driver policy year you may be able to:

  • graduate to our box-free policy
  • stay on our black box policy

Because we’ve got two years of your driving data we can give you:

  • an exclusive price based on your safe driving score
  • at least 2 years’ no claim discount if you have not made a claim

Make a car insurance claim

You can make a claim online or over the phone.

Let us know:

  • your name, address and policy number
  • if any damage was caused or any property was lost
  • if anyone was injured
  • where and when the incident happened
  • the other vehicle’s registration number
  • the other driver’s, name, address, telephone number and insurance details

We need a Police crime reference number if:

  • your car has been stolen
  • your car has been damaged maliciously
  • the other driver did not stop and give their details

Windscreen and glass claims

Use the Auto Windscreens website if your windscreen or window glass is damaged.

Auto Windscreens will take care of your claim. You can arrange a time online for the repairer to come.

There’s a £75 excess for replacement with no excess for a repair.

A windscreen or window glass claim will not affect your no claim discount.