Download our free smartphone app and you could save up to 20% on your initial quote

Here’s how to qualify:

Drive 200 miles, over 10 journeys, on separate days and we’ll award you an individual score out of 100 based on your speed, cornering, braking, acceleration skills and night time driving (1 being the worst score). Based on your final overall score a personalised link to get a quote will be sent to you via email, or you can click on the ‘Get a quote’ button on your app. If you are eligible for a discount, this will be automatically applied to your quote and could be up to 20% depending on your driving score.

The score is based on your driving only, and the discount cannot be passed onto someone else.

How the app works

It uses your smartphone’s built-in GPS to measure four key elements of your driving: your speed, how you take corners, how hard you brake and accelerate, and the time of day you’re driving.

The app works out how safe your driving was, and shows you the performance in each key area. A map shows the journey and where any speeding or other unsafe events occurred.

When you buy a young driver policy

The young driver app will be used to assess your driving for the time leading up to you qualifying for any initial discount on your quote. If you buy a young driver policy you’ll need to have a smartbox fitted which will be installed shortly after you buy your policy.

What the scores mean

Regular scores between 61 - 100 are more likely to get a safe driver discount. If you score between 1 - 40 we might put up your premium, but it means you can see where you need to improve, and we’ll give you plenty of handy tips. We average your scores over 90 days, so you won’t be penalised for a one-off bad score.

Safe drivers could earn further discounts with our young driver insurance policy

Once the smartbox is fitted you’ll be scored every 90 days on your driving performance and, depending on your score, your premium may go down further. Your premium can also go up depending on your score but never by more than 20% over the year.

Perfect for young drivers

Use the app to:

  • decide if our insurance is right for you
  • earn an initial discount up to 20% off your premium
  • show your parents how good a driver you are
  • make your friends feel safe in the car with you.

Reassuring for parents

Because it:

  • monitors how the young driver is driving the car
  • gives you peace of mind that they’re driving safely
  • shows how our insurance could save money.