Driving alerts

Speed is one of the key factors in accidents involving young or inexperienced drivers. For this reason we have put great emphasis on driving at safe speeds so that we can offer competitive premiums for responsible drivers.

Warning alerts

We will send warning alerts via email and your dashboard to let you know when there are regular instances of the vehicle going above the speed limit.

If you continue to receive warning alerts then this policy is not for you and we may email and write to inform you that the policy will be cancelled with nine days’ notice.

Cancellation alert

If smartbox identifies that the vehicle has been driven at reckless speeds we will send you an email and write to inform you that cover will be cancelled with nine days’ notice, without any prior alerts. The speeds at which this will happen are stated below:

Speed limit for the road Vehicle driven at speeds of or exceeding       
Up to 30 mph       60 mph
31 to 40 mph       75 mph
41 to 50 mph       85 mph
51 to 60 mph      100 mph
61 to 70 mph      110 mph